CBS Sports-AAC strength of schedule rankings 2018

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Having games against Arizona and Texas Tech helps Houston’s nonconference SOS, but it’s countered by games against Rice and Texas Southern. Having to play both Navy and Memphis on the road will provide a challenge within the division as will having both USF and Temple coming out of the East to play in Houston.”

(Patrick) #2

Fair assessment, although I’d flip Houston and UCF.

Got to love Texas scheduling the powerhouse of Tulsa in their non-conference schedule.

(Gregg) #3

Uh…we lost to them recently, the Golden Hurricane. Texas does play some big names usually in non-conference, much better than Baylor and A$M.

(Luke P) #4

I don’t often root for Tulsa, but when I do…

(Mike Higdon) #5

I pull for Tulsa against all OOC opponents and in conference opponents when a Tulsa victory would benefit UH. That’s pretty much my MO with all conference mates, and I don’t understand those who don’t do the same. That approach benefits UH the most.

(Charles) #6

Schools like Tulsa only seem to play above their head when they play UH. Texas will kill them.

(Patrick) #7

I don’t disagree with what you said, but my point is that I’m not sure why Texas is playing a tiny private school from Oklahoma instead of the many public schools in Texas other than the 1 they currently play in the Big12. Same for next year when they host Louisiana Tech. Since they’re probably paying those schools lots of money to play a “body bag” game, wouldn’t it be better to give that money to a school like North Texas or Texas State than to an out of state school?