CDH in studio for Matt Thomas show

I’ve heard several versions of the saga and that’s pretty much down the middle. It’s interesting that UT supporters don’t seem to get OU’s attitude towards UT. It’s definitely a love-hate relationship. OU cannot afford to lose its connection to all those Texas recruits. They saw what happened to Arkansas.


That’s true with major sports. But throw in all the other sports, including women’s teams and distance becomes a factor. Have 3 teams on the road at different sites and it can become a serious issue. But, you deal with it.


Mike, see my post above, as to travel issues…

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I did. Somehow it didn’t display until after my post. So we agree. We’ll deal with it. One option is a partial membership. Some of our sports form an alliance with other Texas schools. It’s been tried and seems to work.

Tillman started the idea about being stuck with us whether CDH wins or not at the news conference. He is just parroting the comment.

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Soooooo, you were a closet Apple Boy fan😎

Sorry Pray, the OU-UT power struggle was real, as you pointed out, but ultimately the networks killed expansion so the quarrel between the two powers never really played out. Just pointing out that one fact.

I wish it would have played out, that would have been an interesting squabble…4 Texas schools + WVU vs OU, Ok St, KU, K st and Iowa St. No way the Texas schools would have let OU have the majority over the Texas (UT) interests. Probably would have ended with us plus another school (Cinci, BYU etc) to keep it even.

I know you are teasing but how did you go from me saying Dana needs to win 10 his second year regardless of buyout to me being satisfied with Apple not winning 10?

Thank you for sharing. THAT is what you want to hear. He could’ve said “we are getting better every day but we still need to improve.”

To read “a lot of improvement “and “home run hire”, this reassures a lot of things that we’ve already talked about. But we will leave those thing in the past and it’s time to move forward. We will see a much improved defense and at the very least a much more balanced team which means we should be in position to potentially win every game as long as everyone stays healthy.


At this time of the season I cannot care less about what he said about how the big 12 teams would have voted, anything about his WVU’s teams or what is buyout clause is.

What I want to know is about our 2019 team.
Biggest area of needs and strengths, our new comers etc.

I like that he called our DC hire a HR.

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NY6 or bust!

In all seriousness, I am happy with CDH. I like his personality, and he has a track record of winning. It’s hard to win the Big 12 especially with the kind of recruiting West Virginia gets access to.

I say he will do great things here and it clearly shows he WANTS to be here. If he goes 8-4 so be it. He needs to build his empire here.

Looking forward to our win at OU.


A win at OU and we won’t be 8-4 more likely 10-2 or better.


The buyout comment just shows CDH confidence and the confidence our administration has in him. He is a successful B12 head coach. This isn’t an on the job training hire. If we have some rough seasons, he’ll make changes to methodology, his staff, recruiting, etc but CDH will fix it. Our administration won’t just throw their hands in the air and say oh well that was a dumb hire because this was in fact a very good hire.

We might need to have a little patience like with CKS but CDH will win 10+ games here and he may do it pretty regularly.

He wants to be here a long time and he will be here a long time because he has earned a long tenure as a head coach. Isn’t that what we’ve always wanted? It sounds good to me.


Mike, i did not realize we could do a partial membership. Boy, that could sure help with the minor sports, who would maintain their current rivalries that are much closer. Good to know…

The schools were the proxies of the networks: OU=FOX, UT=ESPN. FOX badly wanted expansion into Florida as they currently don’t have a CFB presence there; ESPN doesn’t want them there. OU also wanted to break the Texas bloc at the same time. ESPN/Texas basically called their bluff and said that UH had to be included and that Florida wasn’t an option. ESPN/Texas were willing to listen to offers to try to see if the two conference powers could work together, but wouldn’t budge on UH being included as it gave the school/network final say-so over any policy.

OU/FOX weren’t crazy about that, offered up a number of different non-UH scenarios, but Texas/ESPN didn’t bite. In the end, OU/FOX folded and ESPN bought out of their obligation.

That’s why it would be extremely surprising to see OU go to the SEC as the school has a tight relationship with FOX (that’s where they get their hefty 3rd tier TV rights from). Also why a lot of people think OU ends up in the B1G since FOX has the bigger stake invested with the conference. Same for Texas and the B1G as ESPN probably prefers the Horns with one of their properties (SEC or ACC).


Did everyone miss the (paraphrasing) “the defensive talent here is as good as what I had at WVU”? Wait… wtf? If thats the case we should sue coach no d for our money back. That dude should never see a sideline again.


Gotcha. So ESPN was the network that ultimately paid the B12 not to expand or was it ESPN/Fox together?

Didn’t Fox just wash their hands of the B12 when ESPN bought the conference’s championship games and 3rd tier rights (except for OU and UT)? No one else bid on those properties and ESPN got them for cheap, is my understanding

I would imagine ESPN would not want the majority of the mid-west & Texas without a P5 presence. If OU and UT leave, the remaining conference wouldn’t be worth the money. I honestly think the B12 will remain even if one or the other big players leave. People keep saying that future conference movement pivots on OU. B12 is basically an ESPN property so I am swaying to the idea of the B12 remaining intact and poaching the Arizona schools or Colorado and maybe picking up a G5 (*edit: if one of UT or OU leave)

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I don’t see the logic in that statement unless you mean in the confidence that his buyout is too large to get fired for not being good.

I remember those that were asking for more patience after James Dickey’s first two seasons. It worries me some are ready to make excuses for his second season before his first game based on the promise of great things to come but you can never get back those years or the $4 million a year he is getting paid on empty promises of someone that has averaged a 5-4 conference record for his career.

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If LSU and ATM and UT-Austin can all win 10+ games every year, then so can we right?

Of course since they each pay a heck of a lot more for their FB coach than does UH, most of their (delusional) fans expect 10+ wins each and every year also; but how often have they been able to accomplish this in the past 5 years? Well their records show the following results:

LSU is 1 for 5 (20%)
ATM is 0 for 5 (0%)
UT-Austin is 1 for 5 (20%)

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