CDH on Camp


“We practice hard, we coach hard, we practice hard. I don’t think that’s happened here in awhile.” CDH

Wow, that says a lot about our last staff! I think we will be a major surprise this fall.


Yes, big diss to the previous staff. I wonder who those players who are sidelined are? I hope they’re not seriously injured.

I predict we won’t see our players and coaches quit, as they did in a certain Bowl Game last year.


Did I read that right? Murphy and Pancotti are starters on the OL?

I saw that too. The question is, is that a good or bad thing?

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It has to be a good thing. However what does it say about the depth chart and those earmarked to take over those positions before the two transfers arrived? Are the transfers that much better?

If you bring in grad transfers and they don’t start, you’re doing it wrong.


Murphy and Pancotti are both GROWN men. Having them line up to block is a good thing.


It says that graduate transfers that started at a P5 school are better suited to start than true sophs, redshirt freshmen, and true freshmen. It says our coach knows how to get what he needs. It says that we can coach up the underclassmen and have them ready when called upon instead of just throwing green kids to the wolves.

Everything it says to me is positive.


He really has filled the holes, almost like a NFL team in free agency


CDH has been harping on the lack of redshirting since he got here. Sounds like he’s using the grad transfers to get some of the younger guys some much needed redshirts.


I just hope the team isn’t getting too banged up a hard camp can be a double edged sword with so many short game weeks in September. We need all hands on deck in Norman.

If camp is this much of a culture shock we may see some mutual decision outbound transfers in the next few days.

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I think 1.5 weeks out they scale back and recover.

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Don’t know how good they will be but it means it is a great thing they are here. Getting they type of experience to go with the 3 returners is huge.

Pancotti has two years so that part is good. Murphy has just this year had injury problems at UCLA. If our 2’s are much of a step down, it could be trouble if they get hurt goes down.

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This issue was a big knock on Herman from many on this board. I guess Dana’s honeymoon will end if people start getting concussions in practice.


Besides the much needed quality depth to the 2 deep at OG, its very good if it allows us to redshirt all the frosh OLs.

In Todays Chronicle:
“plan to use at least eight on the offensive line each game.”

Hopefully Pancotti will be a 2 year starter.


Big difference 230 from a guy who wants to he here and a guy who didn’t seem to care because he planned on leaving after a season.

Well, we saw Apple Boys approach. It didn’t work. We had a lot of injuries “during games”.

I remember Art Briles slacking off in practices his second year afraid of injuries. No scrimmages. First game, Rice, we lost to a very bad Rice team.

You HAVE to practice hard.

As the old saying goes, you can get hurt stepping off the bus.