Cedric Alley?

Is he getting any playing time recently?

If not anyone know why?

Seems to be the odd man out…based on our depth its hard to see who he would take away minutes from.

Because everyone cannot play. He is our 3rd PF but he will still get his chances to help this team.


FWIW, I think that before the season is over there will be several occasions when Ced will make valuable contributions. At this point though, it seems from what I observe he most closely fits the role Nate Hinton is playing (also, too, he would fit where Gorham is getting some time) and it is going to be a challenge to get extended time. I am pulling for him, I still think he will be a good player for UH - he is only a sophomore after all.


I think an issue is he doesn’t fit the role Hinton plays. He is not a wing especially what we seem to like at that position.
He 86s best as the undersized 4.

His three is just not consistent enough. I think if he focused on the midrange like White he would be more effective on both sides of the court.

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If there is a game where CKS does not see the Coogs on the court giving great effort, playing defense, rebounding, and hustling for 50/50 balls, then I guarantee you that CKS will take out the starters and put Alley in the game. It has happened this season and Alley came into the game with effort and defense. That may be his role this season. A SHOCKER to the system guy or instant effort guy.

I hope that he continues to play hard and give the team whatever he has to give.

Go Coogs. Peace.


FWIW, Alley is #3 on the team in 3pt%. He’s shooting 43%, behind Gorham (46%) and Hinton (44%). He’s ahead of Mills (35%), Sasser (35%), Grimes (33%) and Jarreau (18%).

I know it’s a small sample size, but them’s the facts.


I could start a Ced thread every other game. It’s more mystifying to me than “it is an absolute injustice he’s not playing.” And next year frontcourt only Harris graduates, J’Wan Roberts, Powell comes in. Fabian will be beast mode next year. Gonna be even more crowded.

The couple of inches that Fabian and Gorham have on him really do make a difference in availability of that mid range spot up shot. Ced would need more separation than you can really get at this level to just spot up from that range.

For him to be able to get consistent minutes on a team like this he either needs to be able to hit 3’s or create off the dribble. Unfortunately, while he brings a ton of defensive versatility, he can’t do either well enough at the moment to get someone else’s minutes and we have a ton of depth. He’s definitely good enough to be a rotation player for a tourney team (and obviously was last year), but that might not be here ultimately unless he can develop one or both of those skill sets. But even if he could do those things right now, that would likely mean you would see someone else lose minutes like Harris or Gorham.

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I don’t think Powell will play that much as a true freshman.

Powell is coming in as the best technical defender. I think all 3 recruits see playing time if no injuries keep them out.


Powell has the easiest path to playing time with Harris gone next year. He will be the tallest player on the roster and highest defensive ceiling.


He’s been recruited-over.

powell will be the only player over 6’8 next year, he will get minutes based on that alone …

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I know it’s a pipe dream (and probably a scholarship and playing-time logistics issue)…but how sick would our depth be next year if Dejon and Grimes stuck around for one more year.

even though i dont think this team is as cohesive as teams in the past as a unit…IMO this is the most talented houston team we’ve had since the 80’s on an individual player basis

before we were at a point that if you are good you are playing, i think we are now at the point of “who is better” is playing and there will be some good players on the bench…(like how dukes 11th player of the bench was the aac players of the year , semi)…if we are honest ced might be a better version of leron barnes …and barnes was a 2 year starter… the talent on this team has improved

there was only one legit shot at ced getting minutes and that was moving to the 3, and becoming a 3 &D…or a guy who muscles his way to paint often…he is still a hesitant shooter and doesnt drive often…sampson would take minutes from mill and sasser (freshman) without question if he felt a 3rd year player, who is bigger could score


Wtf ??? Lol.

That’s one thing that puzzles me about Ced’s lack of PT though CKS is usually very patient with players who struggle offensively. As long as you’re giving effort on defense and rebounding, he’ll keep you in. Ced does all that very well in general. Look at the huge leash Deeky has gotten to figure things out offensively until very recently.

He is a redshirt soph, which means he has had another year in the system than Hinton and Gorham. He has not yet lived up to his high school expectations, but some kids have a harder time adjusting to high level college ball and just take longer to start clicking. Maybe he will pick it up, hope so for both his and the team’s sakes. If he doesn’t he may not see much PT the rest of the year.

dansatjr said, "As long as you’re giving effort on defense and rebounding, he’ll keep you in. Ced does all that very well in general. Look at the huge leash Deeky has gotten to figure things out offensively until very recently."

After being sat down early in the Hawaii championship game, Deeky had 0 points, 0 assists, and several turnovers. I am wondering if CKS is getting close to the end of his rope with Jarreau or if he just thought DJ was not suited against the Washington defense. He had already been taken out of the starting rotation.

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