CFL to remain with ESPN with a multiyear extension

(Patrick) #1

That’s a similar ratio of games being on TV compared to streaming as last year so that didn’t change but it’s implied that ESPN paid more money in this renewal. While exact terms were unknown, CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie told SBD that it’s “an improvement in economics for us reflective of last season’s ratings.” Ratings in 2018 were up 19 percent over the previous season, averaging 163,000 viewers per game.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #2

I like it. I follow and watch CFL games during the summer since my baseball team is usually out of contention by June anyway.

NASCAR, CFL and the new football league will help supliment my time during the dog days of my White Sox summer.



I watched a couple of montreal’s games a couple years back because i live near there and tyron carrier had got picked up by them. It’s actually a pretty fun league.