CFP committee against expanding field for now (includes Aresco)

(Patrick) #1

“I’m not there yet,” said American Athletic commissioner Mike Aresco, who has been vocal in his support of UCF, which is the only undefeated team left in the country and finished No. 12 in the selection committee’s final ranking. “I am open to the notion, but I’m not campaigning for it. The last thing I want to do is give anyone the impression I’m campaigning to expand it, because I’m not. I’m happy with the four.”


Was his eye twitching when he said that?


Mr. Power 6 is acting weird.
Think he is beginning negotiations with TV folks?



(Mike) #5

Might want to keep something in mind in case this expansion thing grows legs. How will it operate? Will the G5 programs still have a guarantee or will the cartel fall back on some pretext, an excuse, and designate that only, for example, the Top 12 teams will be considered? And we have already seen that selection committee works. An undefeated G5 team might not make the cut. It’s a stacked deck.

Secondly, for teams that make the cut there will most likely be some kind of ranking or seeding as with basketball. Then the bottom seeded team will always play the top seeded team to open. Every year. Want to bet where the G5 team gets seeded?

Just things to think about. As long as the polls and ranking systems are so biased we might want to give a lot of thought before giving up our shot at a NY6 bowl.

(Chris) #6

NYE bowl are the crumbs. Why be satisfied with the left overs when you can have the rack of lamb?
What legal rights do the P5’s have to exclude us from the cfp? None but they are.
The fact that both the AAC and MWC commissioners are supporting the cfp is very disturbing. What are they afraid of? Lose the NYE bowl? This scam has gotten completely out of hands.
We know that an AAC undefeated Team can’t make the cfp.
We hope that in the future an AAC undefeated Team can make the cfp.
How can this system be acceptable? At this rate G5 programs are not economically sustainable. A few of us have asked U of H lawyers to give us their views about a possible lawsuit. We are still waiting.
There is a very easy compromise that would satisfy everyone. That includes the tv networks.
10 Conference Champions plus six at large.
Six at large you may ask. The cfp has four Teams. Four plus two equals six. Give the six at large to the cartel. How is this unacceptable to the cartel? You guessed it.
THEY WANT TO KEEP THE MONEY TO THEMSELVES This has nothing to do with sports. What is it that you guys can’t seem to understand? This is not about sport.
They have no right to keep the money to themselves. Again, these same public institutions get federal money. That is your and my taxes going to fund their programs.


Aresco = tool.

(VancouverCOOG) #8

It’s time to sue the cartel.

(itcoog) #9

Think he is beginning negotiations with TV folks?

This is mr thought but who knows?

(Bryant Hargrave) #10

I think he knows the AAC is going to get raided, and TV deals are coming up. Both issues mean right now ESPn and Fox have told him to keep his mouth shut right now. It’s a wuss move but he may preparing for life without the top 2-4 teams in the money ten future.

(Ben B) #11

It’s possible they’ve suggested to Aresco that is P6 vision is a possibility and he is protecting it.

(Mark) #12

And if Aresco falls for ESPN’s BS he needs to have his head checked.

(Jimmy Morris) #13

I think Aresco is campaigning for a P5 job along with any other G5 member on the committee since the vote is “unanimous.”

People keep mistakenly targeting the NCAA as the cartel. It’s the bowls that are the cartel. They have made no-lose deals and are in control of the playoff system.


Senator Hatch knew how to deal with these people and Utah is now a member of the Pac 12.

(Jimmy Morris) #15

Under the BCS system, Benson said the Sun Belt received $1 million to $2 million each year.

“We got $15 million last year out of the new system,” he said. “In the bowl system, if there wasn’t a team ranked in the top 12 you were shut out. I’m very satisfied with the current arrangement.”

Here is another culprit. The conferences that have FBS schools with the smallest budgets. An additional $1 million per school is a big deal to them while it’s a drop in the bucket for schools like UH, Boise State and UCF.

(Cary) #16

Who owns a significant portion of the bowls or provides the bowls most of their funding…


Couldn’t be more right about something rarely discussed. Schools at the bottom of the Sun Belt, CUSA, etc. don’t want things changed or would be happy with a G5 bowl structure. And they are the ones eager to schedule a bodybag game just to collect a huge payday. A huge part of the problem.

(Ben B) #18

Hush money.


Change doesn’t come to those who passively wait for it to come. You’ve got to pursue it with mission, passion and relentless determination. Aresco is not pursuing change with mission, passion and determination, so we need to change the commissioner.


Aresco is playing politics. Of course he would prefer expanding the playoffs ** AND ** having a reserved G5 slot in the playoffs. He just doesn’t have any real power to make that happen.

The real power to expand playoffs needs to come from the P5 conferences. Back-to-back SEC national championships game will almost certainly force a change.

Aresco is doing 1 of 2 things - or maybe both…

  1. He’s reserving his political capital to expend it on reserving a playoff spot for G5 (similar to the NY6 deal) once expansion occurs. (It’s a matter of when and not if.)

  2. He’s not risking a career limiting move by pushing expansion. He’ll want to jump when a P5 conference comes knocking on his door.