CFP Poll Countdown - 6p tonight

How bad does the G5/AAC get screwed? How many crap 3-loss P5 teams are above us? How many 4-loss teams?

I think it depends on where they slot Louisville.

If Louisville is 5th, then I think we will be 25th.

If Louisville is 7th behind A&M and Ohio St, then we won’t be ranked.

Did y’all hear them trash Houston at the beginning. What da hell was that? We are a bad loss!?! F*** ESPN! F*** the LittleXII! F*** Bob Bowlsby!

Nailed it.

And it’s unlikely Louisville will surpass Ohio St or A&M in the next two weeks, so we will be unranked when Louisville comes to town.

Not sure why we would ranked considering the last four games.

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Here’s a fun interactive tool to see the likelihood of teams making the Playoff. If UofL wins out, they have a 39% chance of going to the Playoff. If OU wins out, they have a 33% chance of going to the Playoff. If Baylor wins out, they have a 48% chance and if WVU wins out, they have a 32% chance.

atm over Washington? SEC rubbish. Actually I would like to see an undefeated PAC12 snubbed. That might “break” up this charade of a real ranking.

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