Ch 2 investigation into UH athletic department over UH soccer Thabo cases (update: current players respond to JD)

I am ex military and it definitely creates unity and desire by the team to do the right thing. If not, the team will be on the person’s a$$ 24/7 to not make the same mistake.


I thought the Post was pretty fair.


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I’m ex military too, but the girls on the soccer team aren’t. What works in the military doesn’t necessarily equate to a bunch of teenage girls. But, even in the military you can lead your division, platoon, or whatever, farther that you can drive them.


I see what you did there…

Teenage girls are also in the military and they go through the same training. People who play soccer are known for their conditioning so I am not sure why this group was impacted so much.

It builds resentment. I was in HS much longer ago than 32 years and my coaches did the same crap. What it does is get the offending party in deep doo-doo with his teammates, at best. At worse, it builds resentment for the coaches.





Oh no. The ch 2 piece is pretty harsh.

UH is fighting foi requests from Ch 2 all the way to the attorney general.

Sounds like we messed up. We fixed it. But we hid the whole thing. As a public university and the school I graduated from should I expect more?

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It doesn’t look great.

The rhabdo stuff is bad and you can’t spin that, that many players getting something that you can only get from extreme overwork.

Really, the substance of the story seems to be one anonymous player’s specific gripe with the coach rather than anything substantiated.

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It was their investigative team, not the sports department at all.

One disgruntled former player that got rhabdo.

Yeah, if they want to fire the coach for the players getting rhabdo then I think it would be justified.


Yeah, it would be hard for a money creating program coach (basketball or football) to survive this, not to downplay women’s soccer, but fire him and clean house and move on. Make it all go away.

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KPRC, what a crock…100% snowflake hit piece…and now another lawyer trying to get paid…if that clown has his way they’ll shutter the program…strange that they never made much stink about the Forty Acres when TU made TDCJ - Huntsville look like KinderCare Academy…


I know well the California trial lawyer who appears on the Channel 2 investigative reports over the last couple of days. He is extremely talented and respected. Very prominent in the Fresno State football program. He played linebacker for them. He has gotten some big verdicts in athletic abuse cases. There was a time when I was close to our AD but I developed some medical issues beginning about 10 years ago that has prevented my involvement in U of H athletics. I wish I knew Pezman. He might could use some insight and connection. I suspect we are looking at legal action against us.

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They did not send an entire team of girls to the hospital. If we grow low hanging fruit it will get picked. How much is Maryland paying for their football player that died from exhaustion? Is it worth it? Just wash the program out. It is women’s soccer for Pete’s sake.

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