Chairmen of the Boards

Love this. Great candidate for the name of this era.


USF, with their tall lineup, was able to keep Gorham off the offensive boards…I think he only had two. But he is still a great rebounder and a huge key for us down the stretch…
And I also believe his offensive game is a key…he gives us another outside-inside threat…

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So Nu Slama Jama


Board of Regents

Chairhumans of the Boards

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board of

Still like Phi Graba Rebounda

Credit: Soul.



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“Chairhumans of the Boards”
Texreg: It’s the new trend toward gender neutrality. In law we have had for hundreds of years the “Reasonable man” standard. It was in statues and jury instructions. Now some of our more “progressive” states are substituting “reasonable person” as the standard.

ya’ll are trying too hard to tag the Coogs with a nickname. Our guys are blue collar guys who get down and scratch and claw for everything. Calling them "Chairwhatevers of the Boards is way too sissyfied and corporate for them. Start thinking along the lines of Nitty Gritty Coogs.

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Haha this is going the wrong way fast. Invest while you can… IN!!! lol :crazy_face: :rofl: :poop:

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Chairmen of the Boards is too “sissyfied” even though it says “men” and comes from our own basketball marketing?? And “Nitty Gritty Coogs” doesn’t sound lame as hell??? Sure… lol


you don’t like nitty gritty then let’s hear your idea.

Phi Graba Boarda rolls off the tongue better!

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The University of Houston is associated with one of the most iconic names in college basketball. It’s a brand. You don’t throw away a strong brand. (See Coke and New Coke).

It would be beyond foolish to abandon this name.

People not on this board aren’t going to spend timing trying to parse the true, original meaning of the name. It’s just a name.

The Chicago Bears still embrace the “Monsters of the Midway” even when the defense is less than stellar. They’d be dumb not to.


Phi Slama Jama ll


Please leave PSJ out of this discussion. Absolutely no similarity.
This team is more being a hard hat bunch.


You have a point we’d be dumb not to capitalize on tradition. When most of ours have either come and gone.

Relatedly, when’s the last time that A&M pulled a fan out of the stands to play in a game?

I know they give the no. 12 to a walk-on. But the point is, the “Twelfth Man” is a great brand. They use it very well.

I told you guys, the nickname should be Sampson’s Army.

My mom was back in college in the 80s. I remember she came home with a box full of pens they were giving away because they weew mislabeled, “Five Slamma Jamma”
I agree that was their era, this is a new one and needs a new label.

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