Chance Tech game is going to be cancelled?


Looks like scattered storms in Lubbock on Saturday

(Alfred Matthews) #2

0 percent

(PortlandCoog) #3



No chance lol


Tumble weed weather at its finest…I’d take that over the brutal Lubbock snow…


If I saw Ed and Chambers rolling in to town I’d cancel. Wouldn’t blame em.

(Tom Green) #7

Cancelled?? Huh. Wrong Sport. :grin:

(Mike Higdon) #8

Lubbock, TX Saturday forecast:
RealFeel® 86°
Precipitation 40%
Some sun, then turning cloudy, a shower or thunderstorm in the area
Winds from the
SE 7 mph
Gusts: 12 mph
Max UV Index: 7 (High)
Thunderstorms: 60%
Precipitation: 0.09 in
Rain: 0.09 in
Snow: 0 in
Ice: 0 in
Hours of Precipitation: 1 hrs
Hours of Rain: 1 hrs

That is not something to worry about.

(Will) #9

if the spread keeps moving a cancellation may be the only option

(Ryon Adams) #10



Delay possible. No cancellation.

(Jimmy Morris) #12

Kickoff time is 3:15. I’ve seen several games the last couple of years go past midnight on delays. I think they can manage 4 quarters of game play between waves of thunderstorms over a 9 hour period.


No chance it gets canceled , close this thread it’s ridiculous