Charlie Strong makes himself at home at South Florida with 7-0 start

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Did he change his approach after Texas?

“No, because I knew how to coach before I went to Texas, so I was not going to change who I was coming out of there,” Strong told the Tampa Bay Times. “You have a certain way you coach, you have certain principles that you believe in, so don’t let Texas change you. You’ve got to stay who you are.”

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I sense an upset…

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Charley Strong is a decent coach and inherited a bunch of talent at USF, including a very talented quarterback in the Floweres kid…perhaps being away from all the pressure to win at Texas has helped him…but you can bet he will fly to a P5 team as soon as he gets the right offer…


I would have hired him for UH.


Was he considered? Probably would have been a hard sell here after his UT time.