Charting Kyle Allen vs Texas tech

(Patrick) #1

Good analysis here.

If nothing else, Gibbs put Houston off-track and off-schedule from the beginning. Allen and the rest of the offense never looked comfortable. The Cougars offense then reverted to swing passes and 50/50 balls, hoping for a missed tackle or for someone to make a play. Hope isn’t a strategy.


I didn’t realize we threw so many passes behind the line of scrimmage. I knew it was a lot but not more than the other types of passes-11 in a game seems too much.

With that said, Based on the completion percentage and the number of yards those passes or fairly productive.

(Chris) #3

These stats are fine but they are missing the missed runs that Kyle could have done. How many times did we see Greg run in holes that “HE FOUND”? These are not in stats. Do I want Kyle to get blown away? Of course not but he has got to show much, much more. These stats are also missing the “left options” WR’s left open. The stats that I would like to see is an overall view of the missed opportunities. That is the only way to gauge Kyle. After three games I do not see his decisions making improving. I want him, I am waiting for him to get there. Everyone has to keep in mind that he played against two pretty good defenses but these are not elite defenses. You want to be objective and I can’t be optimistic right now. Gibbs mixed it up with his schemes but again and again Kyle had options. He did not take them. Is the OL better? I do think so but could they be much better with King or Postma? We have to see it to get a better feel of our true potential.

(Jimmy Morris) #4

I wonder what the person that broke this down considers the middle. The first interception was a good one to two yards to the left of the left hashmark. Also sucks that Youtube blocked the replay video because of “Disney” content. Like ABC has plans to replay the game.

(Tom) #5

There is another full game video, rewatching it now. Seems KA is squinting alot

(shharper01) #6

KA sure doesn’t want to give up a sack. Who is the lineman or TE on the far right? RT or TE? 3rd and 4 down 10 and that guy missed his man who rushed Kyle once the pile broke down. Once he got within three to five yards, Kyle threw it away. Shimonek wasn’t very mobile either but got Coutee and that long bomb.