Check-in with Chris

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This slow and steady exertion of influence in the manner that he’s doing well have significant change for the fan experience. There is still a long way to go!

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Supplemental Ticket Staff: We are doubling our ticket staff to capitalize on outbound group sales opportunities for all sports.


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The Indoor Banked Track would be another huge addition. There are very few in the US on college campuses.

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Would be nice if someone would tug his ear on the wireless situation. A lot of people missing out on hyping games because they can’t connect to their Facebook or Tweet. I know some will say “works great for me” but that’s kind of like saying “my mom smoked cigarettes for 90 years and never got cancer.” Every game I’ve had people around me asking others if they can access the internet.

(Patrick) #6

Yep, that’s something that needs to get worked on as well. Connectivity is awful inside the stadium.


It’s pretty much impossible to connect - I’m on Verizon and for the most part can’t connect at all!


Do other stadiums have this problem? If not then it needs fixing.


I’ve never had luck connecting to wifi in sports stadiums at any level. Cellular service for me has been bad inside TDECU as well, which is frustrating because I like to tweet during games. Not sure how easy that is to fix without getting the carriers involved though.

(Patrick) #10

Most stadiums have problems and have to constantly tinker; problems could be too many users, too much data, etc. Normally, the IT team has to work with the various providers to help with the cell service or work with the Wi-Fi company so that they provide enough bandwidth. In this case, someone needs to get with Boingo Wireless to determine what it will take to make the network usable…I’m actually wondering if Boingo is actively monitoring the network during games to ensure connectivity or if they’ve installed it and won’t do anything unless anyone complains. That’s a contract that really needs to be looked at to find out why the service is so consistently bad.

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I have the same exact problem in stadiums in the Midwest. Kinnick Stadium is among the worst from my experience, I cannot connect until I basically leave the downtown area and get onto I-80.

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Usually most stadiums have the issue. I had issues at AT&T stadium for the recent NFL draft.

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On the Oregon IPF. _“But the school’s student-athletes aren’t the only ones to benefit from this unique facility. On days in which the Ducks’ football team is playing next door in Autzen Stadium, the Moshofsky Sports Center is converted into one of the largest indoor tailgate gatherings in the country. The building can hold up to 5,000 football fans before and after each home game.”


NRG had awful wireless until they upgraded for the most recent Super Bowl

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I suppose it works in some stadiums… but I have never been in a stadium where it works well. Too many people in too tight a space trying to connect. To your question, I do wonder if it’s universally crummy (like airplane wifi) or can it be made to work.


From my seat I can connect just fine through my carrier. On the concourse, no way. Too much concrete and steel, I think.


If it sucks everywhere then I can just deal with it till the technology gets better. It is fun to interact with people watching at home on tv or listen to the radio broadcast. And speaking of radio broadcast, I wish my phone had a am radio built into it.

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If you have the UH app, you can listen to the broadcasts on your phone:

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Provided you can connect to the internet !

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:joy: True