Chip Kelly to UCLA

(PortlandCoog) #1

Seems a perfect fit.


Think this means Scott Frost to Florida?

(Patrick) #3

Great hire for UCLA.

(jimmyschofield) #4

I’d be surprised if Frost doesn’t go back to his alma mater, Nebraska. They just fired their HC today.

(Patrick) #5

Some reporting that Nebraska and Frost is a down deal.

Would Florida turn to Charlie Strong or Dan Mullen?

(PortlandCoog) #6

So glad the American is the premier Coaches training academy. Going undefeated in American guarantees you won’t play for a national championship, and your coach will leave,


FootballScoop is reporting that Nebraska likes Matt Campbell. That would be an interesting upset.


I’m not sure Nebraska is a great job. High pressure from alumni, and the program just can’t expect to line up all the good prospects in the Midwest. anymore. Haven’t for 20 years. They were on the way to respectability with Pellini, but he was hated by the money guys. I don’t think Nebraska can recruit effectively enough to really matter regardless of the coach. .


Who’s gonna beat out a good Nebraska team for recruits in the Dust Bowl? Iowa? Minnesota? Kansas? Who’s gonna turn down playing in front of a sea of 90k in Lincoln to play in front of 70k in Iowa City or 50k in Minneapolis? You’re also at arguably the most effective B1G school for recruiting Texas.

(Patrick) #10

Campbell would be a good hire.


Maybe the G5 schools should get together and require a clause in all coaching contracts for a $20m buyout for any head coach hired by a P5 program. When the P5 schools sue for collusion, G5 can counter sue for collusion on playoff exclusion.

At the very least, make the P5 guys pay…


That’d be a fantastic way to get rid of any potential G5 coaching candidates.


Fair enough. How about making the buyout high if a G5 coach is officially offered before the week of the conference champ games?


Good luck proving it.


I think if anyone can get UCLA going it would be Chip Kelly. He should be able to recruit the players he needs to run his system.