Chris Harris - The Emergence


There are other Chris Harris threads on this board, but I thought he deserved a new and more positive one. Despite the excitement around us being 23-1 and highly ranked, Chris’ emergence as a center worthy of significant minutes has been the most pleasant surprise for me this year. Finally he’s not just another 5 fouls we can throw out there if our other bigs get in foul trouble. He protects the rim, he rebounds and because he doesn’t look completely lost out there on offense, he’s finding gaps and getting open for dunks. His size and length are going to come in very handy against teams like UCF and others we’ll see in tourney time who have 7 footers. He’s coming into his own at exactly the right time and I couldn’t be more excited. Welcome to the game, Chris Harris!

(David) #2

Get out of my head! He has improved so much on offense and defense. It would be great if he could be featured on an upcoming Coach’s Show and hear what triggered this transformation. I am sure it was not but it seems overnight.

(Cougarpad) #3

The lights finally came on for Chris Harris!

(Mark Shapiro) #4

With some better conditioning, I can see him stepping into the starting role next season.


With a little more muscle he looks exactly like Otis Thorpe


His arms are longer than his legs.

(Cougarpad) #7

Could we get a Hakeem like PF to pair with him? Twin towers! Even a PF with a third the talent of Olajuwon would do wonders.

(Munzell Milluns) #8

Actually Harris is a lot like Cadillac was. After Akeem Cadillac seemed slow and behind the play. Then he changed and became a stud.


I too am amazed by Harris’ awakening. He could barely catch a dump off pass earlier in the season. Now he’s sliding into position to give the guards a good passing angle. Impressive! Kudos to him for working hard and making most of his opportunities. He even hit nice jump hook against Cincy! Didn’t know he could do that! I’m guess the competition for PT must be paying off because Brady and Gresham made key plays too! Go Coogs!

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #10

I love the development of Harris as well as how well Gresham has played the past two games.
However I think the biggest mistake Cincinnati made was when we had the ball up 5 and 1 min to play I would have fouled Harris to shoot the 1 and 1. I felt it was a mistake to not take him out then but they did not foul until the 40 sec mark and another posession and we did take him out before that could happen. It may have actually benefited us ro not benin the bonus at that point.


I have said this in other threads but this might be the best coached team in our history.

Sampson is an elite coach.

(Robert Swearengin) #12

Harris has improved more this season than any past player I can remember. Good job!

(David) #13

But something happened this season. He was playing last year and had the whole offseason but did not look nearly this good in the early season games. Gresham opens the door of opportunity for Harris and BAM! He is playing really good ball of late.


Chis “The heart of a chsmpion” Harris…

(Terence Greene) #15

Yes! No offense to GVL but I’ve followed the program closely since 1971 and I’d say without question that CKS is the best Coach we’ve ever had. Better at program development and game management! Full Stop! GVL comes in at a solid second!


Chris Harris is becoming an important contributor to the program. His improved performance will pay dividends in the AAC and NCAA Tournaments and next year’s team, which could be even more successful as this year. Next year we’ll have the following experienced players return:
Chris Harris
Armoni Brooks
Nate Hinton
Dejon Jarreau
Cedric Alley
Fabian White
Brison Gresham

Additionally, we will have our new class: Marcus Sasser, J’wan Roberts, Caleb Mills

(Munzell Milluns) #17

Great coaches have a seemingly plug-n-play M.O.
We’re close to that now. Almost everyone on our team can do two of the three main things very well. It should be even more intense next year.

(Grant) #18

Don’t sleep on Justin Gorham either. He could be a big factor next year as well as a possible stretch 4.


I’ve been thinking the same thing. Sampson is our best BB coach ever! I never expected that UH would find anyone better than Guy V. Lewis but then I have watched our BB teams’ progression these past 3-4 years and…voila…here he is!

In my best Ed McMahon Tonight Show introduction - heeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrreee’s Kelvin!

(Cougarpad) #20

Guy V coached 3 of the top 50 NBA players of all time. He also took us to 5 Final Fours. The man revolutionized college basketball. Fans need to slow there roll on Sampson being a better coach then Guy V at UH. Sampson has not even taken us to a Final Four yet. This is the same as the fans who are trying to relate this year’s team to Phi Slamma Jamma. You all try so hard to compare new events to our historical past.