Christopher Lambert @theDudeofWV on G5 Schools

UH has a problem it can’t fix… it’s in Texas

About G5 Schools

BYU (not considered G5), UCF, USF and Houston all deserve P5 status

He’s got to respond, Flugar went first so right now he looks more plugged in, so now this guy needs to show he’s equally smart.

They’ve been going at it for a few years now. Each gut trying to prove how much more right he is. Topically by taking opposite apptoaches.


The Dude is a jerk. Sound like fear to me. They maybe begging Houston to come to the Big 12 after UT and OU leave…and it will happen…


For now, but let’s be honest with ourselves. If Flugar had talked bad about Houston, and Dude sung our praises. We’d be saying, that we like The Dude and Flugar is a jerk. Nothing wrong with that, I’m right there in that group.

But I guess we can expect s long summer, if we’re already knee deep in realignment banter, and it’s not even June.

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Fixed it for you. :smile:


The Dude and Flugar are the same person. One alter ego wears underwear on his head, the other a KFC box.


He brought up some good points about fan attendance and overall program support. A big school in a big city should be able to fill a 40k seat stadium.

He cherry picked statistics.

He ignored the losses of football coaches as soon as they show promise. We may keep quality head coaches in FB and BB for the first time in many years…

When winning, UH attendance and viewers are good. The rise in BB attendance is a good example of this.

As 2023 approaches, we can expect more of this treatment particularly from B-12 fans.
Many of them are going to be very nervous. theDudeofWV is an example. If OU and/or UT leaves the B-12, WVU will be in trouble. Flugaur is much more positive on UH as he has nothing to lose.


Yeah, easy to say when you are in a P5 conference. Take WV out of P5, and lets see how many come to their CUSA games…


A very good example. From CKS marching around campus with a megaphone begging students to come to student section sold out within minutes of release and the hottest ticket in town in about 2 seasons.


Smalltown, USA…smack talk! Can you find them on a map or globe??

Plus, Christopher Lambert went to UH so why would he turn against his own school?

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He’s always had an animus towards UH, especially when talk turns to realignment, and has proven over time to be a poor source of information.


I don’t really have a problem with what Lambert says. Some of the weaknesses are true. Lambert acknowledges that the system isn’t fair. His belief is a G5 program has to kick the door down emphatically while the Vandys and BCs of the world sit comfortably. Fluguar chooses the perspective that realignment is inevitable and they have to take some G5s instead of just horse trading with each other. Fluguar has us #1 in G5 candidates, Lambert #3 after the Floridas. I choose to believe Fluguars perspective but can respect Lamberts point of view. It’s just silly season talk. Not worth getting in a Twitter war over.

I don’t agree that the PAC wouldn’t expand to Texas. Time zones are their main problem. Central time zone is their answer.

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I’ve known this guy since his old FB realignment group started up in 2014. He’s been arguing against UH since then, for one reason or another. Flugaur’s source (BTM) is reporting the case for UH that I was making back in the day. Remember, BTM isn’t making arguments, he is reporting what he is hearing.

It is interesting that Dude has now pivoted away from that argument to this ‘budget deficit’ argument. I mean, if anything, UH and any other nationally relevant G5 should be commended for doing way more with way less.

Dude’s hide was really chapped when the Dana hiring started bubbling up, but then he went to the ‘we didn’t want him anyway’ narrative.

*edit - I should say both these guys should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing BTM said is new if you’ve kept up with UH’s progress recently


The fun part is hearing others talk about what we slready know…I used to like the Dude of WVU, but he is now Sour towards UH. BTW, has anyone checked on Mhver3??? Wierd not seeing a single realignment post from him…


Nothing these guys say move public opinion. Even if we had every blogger and journalist clamoring for UH to be in a P5, the decision will be made by school presidents in consultation with the TV partners and other stakeholders. If adding UH doesn’t equate to a conference making more money, we won’t get in. Winning doesn’t get us in. This is easy to figure out.

And believe me, I’m 68 years old and would love for us to get promoted yesterday, so not trying to rain on any parades, including my own, but money, money, and money are the three drivers of realignment and expansion. All the rest is window dressing used to bolster the decision for inclusion.


UH fans need to stop blaming their competition for the lack of fan engagement. BYU isn’t in a P5 conference, and you don’t see them struggling to fill the stands.

You are tslking about a large church school. BTW, Baylor struggles to fill stadium in WACO and the give free tickets to our nationd soldiers to mske their stsfium look full. And thry are Big 12. We have pro teams, what about WVU.

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In 2018 BYU played 5 (3 home 2 away) P5 programs and will play 4 (2 home 2 away) in 2019. That should have some impact on their attendance.