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We talk about Aggies as drinking the cool aide. Are you guys aware of the story behind the Mormon faith? Correct me if I’m wrong, but they believe there was a prophet in present day New York State who not only handed them a missing part of the Christian bible, the Book of Mormon, but also encouraged their leaders to settle in a new holy destination, present day Utah.

So, yes I expect the flagship school of the Mormon faith to support their team and alienate almost everyone else…which is probably why the PAC views them as religious radicals and unfit for their progressive conference.

We don’t have to worry about BYU…the only conference that would ever look their way is the Big 12.

At least I have a firm grip on reality.

Right dude…coming on Coogfans and trolling is a ‘firm grip on reality’. And agreeing with anyone with an anti-UH take.



What did I say that constitutes trolling? When you ask dyed-in-the-wool UH fans why game attendance is terrible, more often than not, they will offer some excuse that shifts the blame to someone else. Joseph Duarte even called the fan base “fickle”. He gave a very frank interview back in 2016 where they discussed UH possibly going to the Big 12.

Really…Man, you grind hard for negativity…we have fickle fans on this board that are negative!


I ended up on the BYU side during our game at NRG and talked to quite a few of their fans. Nice folks, but none of them knew anything about either team. They were there repping the Mormon faith.

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BYU fans are very loyal, none of this “what have you done for me lately” attitude. Moreover, they have large followings in all major media markets. The Astros are having a Monday night game for members of the Church in July. I don’t remember the exact date. Whatever number shows up for that game, you can easily double it for a rough estimate of what they could bring to TDECU in 2023. If both teams have been winning the previous couple of years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the game moved to NRG.

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We can’t have so little to talk about that BOTH of these know nothing dipsticks are getting individual threads.

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While we want to achieve their attendance levels, last year they averaged 52k, 18% below capacity and their lowest since going independent. They had no sellouts (closest was 5k below capacity) and one game was 16k below capacity, 2nd lowest attended game since they expanded their stadium in 1982. Lowest attended was in 2017

So yes, by their historical standards, they are struggling to fill their stands. Their attendance is trending down the last 6 years and they’re almost 10k below their average from when they were in a conference

You might want to check their attendance trend over the last 6 years.

Falling yes, like everybody else. But check this out.

Just curious . . . . . how many Universities are located in Provo ? ? ? ? ? How many professional sports teams are located in Provo ? ? ? ? ? Are the hunting and fishing industries strong in the Provo area ? ? ? ? ? How many of their football games are played during the absolute heat of the day ? ? ? ? ? Just a few of the questions I have about comparing attendance of UH vs BYU . . . . .


Well the entire state has 3 million people, mostly around there. Provo is 43 miles from SLC so like Houston to Galveston. There are the Jazz and Real Salt Lake, a P5 team at UU, and a ton of outdoors stuff in a culture that’s really oriented toward those activities. By our standards it’s amazing they get 52000 against a makeshift schedule. By other standards it’s not an unfair datum by which to criticize us.

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I’d say UH is more valuable to conferences that don’t have a presence in Texas (PAC, B1G, ACC) than the Florida schools.


The statement made was they weren’t a “what have you done for me lately” crowd. Lately they’ve done poorly compared to their history.

You say attendance decreased like everyone else, but is it a coincidence that their poorest attended game in 35 years happened in their poorest season in 35 years?

excuses Ben.

Flagging attendance, budget issues…hmm wonder why

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The best thing UH could do for attendance is to build an overhang. Lots of people don’t want to sit in the 90 degree heat for four hours. It will help the people the people that stay away due to rain as well.


Hey Brad, that sounds good to me. Go a head and donate $20M to UH to get it done.