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Heading over to purchase a lotto ticket. We’ll see if this works.


I agree 100%, maybe something like they have in the Dynamo’s stadium, complete with fans.

Can anyone speak on the structural engineering of the stadium and if it can support canopies?

Not an engineer but an architect. I’m guessing the existing structure was not designed for this type of cantilevered structure, but it could easily be added in some way. Unless they were prescient to design it to add in the future. If so, I’d put a canopy up like that pronto before adding more seats.
BBVA may have the canopy but way the stadium is designed seems to block cross ventilation. At least TDECU seems to be somewhat more open between the seating decks to allow cross ventilation, when there’s a breeze, I should say. Adding a canopy would be awesome but the eastern seats would still get harsh afternoon sun as the sun angle lowers. I am sure there’s a solution for that.

It would be really cool if our school would be proactive in developing passive cooling strategies for the stadium’s worst case: 11am September and October games. I know money is the issue but it would still be a great innovation


I hope the university has a master plan for the stadium. I don’t think we want to add this then add that and change this. If we have a master plan everything can look like it belongs.

We could have a phase in plan similar to what OU did. They first upgraded their football operations center in the endzone then later upgraded seats and interior.

Here are some ideas in no particular order.

  • Football Operations Center in the endzone
  • Canopy over seating area
  • Remove upper seating from football ops endzone
  • Add seating elsewhere to fill upper levels
  • Upgrade restrooms and concession
  • Build press box at top of stadium
  • Upgrade previous press box to club boxes

Absolutely, I agree (edit - and agree with your list), and for all we know, they may have one in place. Anything I am suggesting would have to work within some kind of masterplan framework.


Awning or whatever would be great! Should be seriously considered in any future upgrades. Also, bring back natural grass!!! Ah, the things P5 money can buy. :unamused:


We would be without a home for a year. Would we play at NRG till? I want that canopy bad. You would think it was discussed at some point for upgrades.

It wouldn’t take a year to add a canopy. It could be done in an offseason…we have 9 months to get it done.


We would not have to play football in NRG. We are not talking about blow up and start again. Texas A&M blew it up in phases and still played football in their stadium.

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Neither Alabama or LSU have canopies. The answer is to play the games at night in September and not 11 AM.


If it was done in phases the visitor side should get the shade first. Most of the home side gets shade regardless of time.

We play when TV tells us to play. We’re not Alabama or LSU.


Maybe ask the students put a community vote and make a fund for it.

I could see this as a steel frame that integrated somehow with the existing structure and I think it could be done with minimal changes to the existing structure…all within some masterplanning as mentioned above so as not to affect any other future improvements (adding seating etc.)

Obviously I’ve thought a lot about this sitting there sweating through 11am games lol


Just turn off the AC in the broadcast booths; THAT should do it!


When I was a kid growing up in Baton Rouge, and even as an LSU student for a couple of years, LSU played almost all home games at home starting at 8:00pm. The exceptions were the rare home TV games. But LSU started there season the 3rd weekend in September. Now TV has ruined a lot of things.

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Reality check . . . . .

Just a thought on the roof/canopy. How about several arches that crossed over the field, grounded on the north and south sides. They would be load bearing and keep from overloading the stadium.

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As for Lambert, he always holds forth that he has no bias toward UH. He went there. Reality is he attended one year. If any of you check on my Twitter site he Flugar and I carried on quite a little debate. As it wore in his “I’m a UH fan veneer began to wear quite thin. His UH hostility began to leak through the fraying edges. He’s quite good at the pretense but he can’t hide when his biases are exposed. I Tweeted him that I would comment on his post when I have the time.


a la Wembley stadium?