Christopher Lambert @theDudeofWV on G5 Schools

San Antonio is hungry for a football team to watch. If UTSA decides to go big time they would draw 50,000 and could go to the PAC with us.

Don’t want to start an argument on this, because they draw a lot more than we do, but Alabama has had problems filling their seats as well. This was after an 11am game.

Also, Alabama uses grass fields which tend to absorb the sunlight which means the temperature on the field isn’t too much higher than it is in the air. We use FieldTurf which studies have shown reflect the sunlight and have raised temperatures on the field 20-25 degrees over what’s in the air. That’s why, during our early season football games, they usually have someone (Carl Lewis did it a couple of years ago) hold up a thermometer that shows the needle up above 120 degrees. That heat is contained in our stadium and rises into the stands making a late August/early September game almost unbearable and a safety hazard for players.

I doubt we go to grass as admin has determined it’s too expensive, but I have seen some fans propose stadium covers that could help reduce the effects of the sun. Would love to see the problem proposed to our engineering department to see what they could come up with.


They almost out draw us now and are in CUSA

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The first part of what he said, I agree with. The part about Texas State being invited to a P5 is far fetched.

Students and Alums need to stop blaming other schools for their lack of fan engagement.

UTSA “ain’t ever gonna” decide “to go big time”; uta will see to that!

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I wouldn’t mind our games starting at 9:00 or 10:00 pm…might cool down 2 degrees by then.

Their stadium is indoor… not an excuse but an observation as to why they may draw more and its close to downtown.

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So if you think UH will never get a P5 invite, why are you here? Why are you bothering constantly have an anti-UH opinion and weakly attempt to shroud it with the ‘opinion’ mask? There are others with realistic assessments of UH’s status, both good and bad, but for some reason, you’re consistently anti-UH in your ‘opinions’ if you want to call it that.

You need to stop blaming students and alums who are proud of their school as an excuse for your trolling, troll


UT Austin would not allow one of their system schools to join a P5.

I think it’s a great idea though.

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Not remotely true.

2018 UH Avg. Attendance-29838
2018-UTSA Avg. Attendance-24709-would have been much lower, but they played Baylor, which obviously helped pack the place and skew the numbers.

Most of their conference games drew 20000 or less, outside of Texas State (also close).

So yeah, facts.

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To a homer, every contrary opinion looks like trolling.

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Dude…you’re in freakin’ Coogfans…it’s a homer site. Purposefully posting ‘contrary opinions’, for your own sake/entertainment, on a site like this is the definition of trolling, troll.


I post what I really believe. Sorry if that upsets you.

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Sure troll


Why debate? The guy who said Texas state will get into a p5 before UH is obviously a troll. Nothing to back up such a far fetched idea that is simply posted to denigrate.

That’s completely different than realistic posts.


Every person on this site knows you’re a troll. I don’t know why you try to pretend otherwise and am surprised you haven’t been banned. You don’t add anything to discussions and only make posts that denigrate UH.


texas state is a large party school located out in the country (more or less) with a long history…that comes pretty close to the pattern for P5 schools…UH, I don’t see a path forward, not in the foreseeable future…the SEC? No…the ACC…no? The PAC? No…the Big 12? No… the big 10? No…geography and circumstance are obstacles here.

Your screen name fits your posts. But thats ok.


G-fly is a troll…but this A-pooter is a super troll who’s laughing typing up this post. I mean, that’s a pretty good troll job. You know, Stephen F Austin has a long history too, maybe they should be P5 too. Blinn can be a sister school with A&M in the SEC, I mean, you know…