Chron ranks Texas teams

Honestly TAMU should be #1…

As much as I hate them, they really got robbed multiple times against Clemson. They should and could have won that game.

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They were losing the whole game from jump street…that’s like saying in 2007 we almost beat Alabama so we should have been ranked…they don’t deserve to be #1 or ranked…a loss is a loss…by 1or or 50pts…


You need to find a better example then that. Not only was Alabama unranked with 2 losses going into the game but they went from having some votes to no votes in the AP after that win against us.

Ben Hicks is completing less than 50 percent and has only two touchdowns to begin the season.

Former UH QB recruit having a slow start. We’re very lucky to have D King


Point is: Texas A & M should not be ranked…sorry a loss is a loss…no moral victories for close win vs Clemson…


Okay…basketball team loss to #1UCONN by 6pts at the HOF when we were in CUSA and UCONN was in the BigEast…did we deserve a ranking after that??!

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If you we lose to Texas Tech by 2 because we miss a 20 yard field goal with 5 seconds to go in the game, do you think we should get no votes in the next poll?

If we lose, we shouldn’t move up…it was a loss…don’t matter if it was a comeback loss or a blowout loss…a loss is a loss and deserves no reward…no reward for Texas A M!

You can lose to a top team and still be worthy of being ranked. For example, does TT beating Lamar 77-0 mean they are better than some team that lost to Alabama? Of course not.

Back in the seventies, the team that finished 3rd in both polls had 2 losses, both were to the teams ranked 1 & 2. The 2nd ranked team lost only to the #1 ranked team. I can’t remember which finished where, but the 3 were Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Colorado of the Big 8. There were other teams with only 1 loss that finished lower.


A&M fans are celebrating a 2 point loss to Clemson. It is my fervent hope that they get to celebrate 4 or 5 more loses just like it this year.


Will be interesting to see the rankings next week if Ohio State whips TCU, A&M handles ULM and UH wins on the road. Does 2 P5 victories trump A&M’s close loss at home to Clemson?

If we beat Texas Tech, we will get more votes because it shows up as a second P5 victory for us but the reality is, it would be our third win against teams winless in FBS games. But at least they would be 2-0 against FCS teams. :grinning:

Lol I’m not defending aggy, but I will challenge that logic by saying, let’s see if these boards have that same energy if we lose to UCF by 3 in the CCG. :thinking:


Dallas Morning News has the top 4 the same

DMN Best in Texas

Seem like the media is giving tech a lot of credit for beating Lamar 77-0. Their fans seem excited too. Maybe Judas Herman is right about “winning is hard. We should celebrate after a win”.

Of we get by Tech, next three games are very winnable and could set us at 6-0 going into Navy.

Our next 12 games (post season included) are winnable; but as we have found out every year in our history, that doesn’t necessarily mean we will actually win them since we have managed to lose games we absolutely shouldn’t. However, I am thinking this is the year my prediction comes through.


Everyone gives a team too much credit after beating teams like that. A team just looks really good, doesn’t mean anything but the same thought process always shows up. “That was all about us being great, not about them being bad.” It’s not right but we’ve fallen into that trap as well.

True…but Arizona is not that bad and they had a Heisman candidate before that game…last time we played a heisman candidate and dominated his team…Louisville 2016.

Face it: you maybe witnessing the the beginning of the greatest era in Coog history and won’t know it in till it is over…

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