Chucks Isitua

He’s 6’10 and we’re his only offer why the heck hasn’t he decided to come yet?

Sounds like a good catch but isn’t he kinda old to be home schooled?

He has others interested in him too.

The great thing about Home Schooling is you can stop and start. I know several home schoolers that were older when they finished simply because they delayed some coursework due to travel.

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I think there is a home school group whose specialty is BB. Chicken Knowles was part of it, I think.

He plays for Yates and the staff is going all in for Aidoo. Isitua looks the part but I don’t think his play matches yet.

Aidoo be nice but aren’t we out of chips.

Not if grimes leaves.

We won’t know that until next Summer.

Grimes is GONE.

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Maybe… It’s just not set in stone.

And if he leaves, maybe a guard would be more convenient to balance out the roster.

Y’all also want UH to sign Ashton Smith, Isitua and Aidoo but there is this thing called a scholarship limit (13)

You make room for Aidoo. He is a future pro. I’m not sure there actively recruiting Ashton Smith anymore after signing Francis.

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Given that we lost a SG commit don’t you think Sampson & staff may be looking to add a guard whether the Fall or Spring signing period. Especially if Grimes does leave.

As far as Aidoo being a future pro, maybe if he continues to improve on his explosiveness and keeps working hard on his game. He seems to have every tool :wrench: to do so in his tool box :package:. But it’s far from guaranteed he would come to UH; and if he does we won’t know until Spring signing period. A guy on the current that we don’t expect leaving early may leave if he thinks he is ready to become a pro and open up a spot; even then it would likely be a guard leaving early than a big man right now.

Since there out ships I think they are Aidoo or bust. If they sign him they will figure out the scholarship situation, if not they move on to 2022. If Grimes leaves the team is still pretty deep at guard. You could be right but Im not sure what guard they would be pursuing. Unless they hit the transfer market.

Yes most likely the transfer market.

That graphic with his photo says he’s a Shooting Guard from Cypress. That has to be a mistake, right?

I put money if travon mark has a year and mills and grimes do too they all leave. We would have half the squad gone next year.

Tramon Mark…? Leaving after 1 year :flushed::joy::joy:

There’s only enough stats to go around, and it’s hard to see Mark getting the minutes he’ll need to have a 1-and-done season when we’re so heavy at guard. Mark is probably a 2-and-done guy.

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