Cincy at #18 Ohio State on FS1

Just started

Cincy definitely plays a lot faster now.

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Keeping Cumberland was a big save for them…and the conference.

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AAC should be a 4+ bid league going forward. A lot of good coaches and players now.

Seven minutes in and no points scored by Ohio State. Wow!


Sloppy on both sides.


That 3 point line is really throwing things off. Saw it last night too. It seems to be a very irregular distance for the players. Some would be better off just stepping back to NBA range. I think that line is going to lead to some irregular early season results but long term it will be fine.

After watching these 2 days CKS might be like if you’re not Sasser or Hinton, attempt a 3 I’m benching you.


Yes. They are struggling from the new line.

Both teams are trying to run because their half court offenses are awful. Problem is both these teams are always extremely sound and disciplined on transition defense.

This reminds me of 1980’s college ball.

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Big East style. Galen ran the Buckeyes off the court last year they are good defensively they just hadn’t seen many players with his combination of handles and speed. They had no answer for him. Cincy doesn’t have one of those.


And why is Ohio State #18? Didn’t we beat them in last years tournament? Oh, the P5 bias crap that has nothing to do with college basketball.


Cincy is definitely tenacious on the boards.

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Man, they’re miles off on the 3. It may be a case of pure muscle memory. Most of these kids have spent two or three years launching from the old line. Now they have to teach their bodies to completely forget that shot.

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Is the inside line the old line or is that the new line and the outside is the NBA?

Inside is women’s which I believe got moved back too? Outside is men’s. Depending on the court colors it can be very distracting on tv with the 2 lines. I would add tOSU to that list.

Cincinatti is much better defensively now. Not the same team that lost to Ohio last year

They are going to lay way back in on defense now. I actually think it works against teams who rely on bigs because it allows you to drape three people on them until the guard makes up his mind.

Cincy loses. They are gonna be stout.

Buckeyes 64-56