Cincy attendance

Only 26,000 announced.

Usually our floor is 29,500. The redshirting of our star QB has taken a toll on fans showing up

It’s a combo of being too hot and too cold


We had a game with 24K last year.


There is also a baseball playoff game tonight.

That said, the emptiness of the crowd is cringeworthy.


Students didn’t take all their tickets, maybe half. That’s why it was lower than normal

Needless to say, that SMU game on Thursday is going to be ugly


Students a 7 pm would be at the game, at 2:30 in the afternoon they are at work.


Lol. It really was. :smile:

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5,000-10,000 of our fans have decided to redshirt the rest of this season.


I was really surprised that the attendance was announced.

Considering they counted tickets sold, the actual attendance wasn’t more than 20k, at most.

Back down to the core uh fan base. :frowning:


They were in the shade on the concourse. :no_mouth:


There were a lot of people in the concourse due to the sun. I feel like a lobster right now. I thought it was going to be nice, pleasant fall day.


Where do they work? Do Aggy students work?

We counted 28 fans on the top level on the away side.

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The weather was perfect, the game was entertaining, and the beer was flowing. What else can you ask for on a fall saturday afternoon?

Shoutout to all the folks who go to the games.


I will on my drinking skills. :beer:

The tshirt fairweather fans yes.

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Breeze was nice up there…

“But it was only 72” yesterday, I read that in another thread, well I can say this it seemed much hotter from my seat which I was in for 4 hours. My face is a nice crisp pinkish brown. As far the fans, I’m old school I believe in showing up to support my team and not be entertained. Look at it like they are my family. I used to show up to support my son at his childhood sporting events and he let’s just say at that age athletics wasn’t his thing :grimacing::grimacing: but I was there to support him and would never imagine not going because he wasn’t any good. BTW, he was blessed with high acumen , has his masters at age 22 and was the top pick on any high school physics projects .


I came straight from coaching little league to the game and forgot sunscreen for both. I’m feeling the burn today.


Not intending to be a downer here. Cloudy and/or cool outside, you can still get sunburned (and possibly skin cancer) if you do not take precautions. Unfortunately, I may also have not followed that advice often enough. Dermatologist took two biopsy’s on Friday morning.