Cinn v Nevada on now (5:00 ctl)-TNT

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Last AAC standing.
Go Cinn !


Cincy dominating early. 18-4

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Cinn up 12 @1/2.

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Cinn goes down. Blows huge lead. Nice job by Nevada.


We know how it feels Cincinnati…trust me

Difference being we weren’t favored an had a lower seeding. Still, it was a close game we could and should have won.

American is now eliminated from the NCAA Tournament.

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Last night hurt but imagine how cincy must feel. They blew a 20 point lead.


22 to be exact.

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Cumberland fouled out with 5 minutes and they completely got flustered. That last minute they went into full panic mode. Unbelievable!

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As a Houston alum, I support all conference members to enhance the stature of the conference. However, I live in Reno, Nevada. The school I teach at, is 5 miles from UNR. Many of my former students are students or alumni from UNR. I had to cheer for the Wolf Pack today. What an amazing last 12 minutes! Reno is small enough for the entire town to rally around the local university. It should be a fun week ahead as the whole city is going to get ready for the Sweet 16. Go Wolf Pack.


I’m not sure which loss is worse, UH’s or UC. Both are horrible and shouldn’t have happened. I turned this game off because it was so one-sided. This is why you need to play the full 40 minutes!

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Fire Cronin crowd is running semi wild.

Game thread is rather wild at this time.

UConn crowd enjoying another Cronin early exit

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im glad cincy lost…screw them


Screw that I was pulling for them. They’ve been dominate since day 1 of CUSA. Besides, hump memphish. Anywho… how can any UH fan say go fudge pack go? lol :smile:

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Cincy’s and WSU’s early exits really hurt the conference revenue wise. Needed those tourney units to bring in some money.

Damn…extremely disappointing year for the conference.