Circle Drill

Has Applewhite gotten rid of the circle drill? I havent seen any videos of it in the Spring or fall camp/practice so far.

He has gotten rid of a lot of things Judas did.

well that was stupid if true.

Why stupid. Just because Tom did it…pssh, who got it from his dear friend Urban–what’s my name again-- Meyer. Let CMA be his own leader.


applewhite needs to the keep the culture alive. he already killed the htowntakeover slogan.

I think the culture is well past dead and buried. He was a continuity hire that took a detour, disassociated itself from some of 2015- 2016 formula that made teams tremble at the very thought of facing UH.

I believe they left with the blue stripes. CMA has preached “development” and focusing on “specific areas” to get better. Basically, less yelling and more teaching.

We’ll see if it works.



Sorry, some of the guys currently in the NFL are grateful they were yelled at. This philosophical lean CMA is taking is common with new coaches, sounds “soft” and faulty to the core. It’s not going to work


Glad there is no circle drill and no kissing.


I’ve been watching hard knocks and thought about that too. (About the circle drill) I wonder if it is a precaution for concussions.

The circle drill is a gimmick. It lacks real substance. Judas used it as a way to create competition. For example, winners of the circle drill would eat steak while losers would get burned beans. It was all mind games.

CMA has abandoned gimmicky exercises believing that it distracts from personnel development and preparation and undermines team cohesion. He has to find is own way as a head coach. He was never an Urban Meyer acolyte.


I beg to differ. He spent way too much time preaching about not naming starters last year or doing an official depth chart. That was either a mind game or being very indecisive. I’ll let you choose.

Could be the qb that he wanted to start was injured. Could be few oline men were not working hard enough to be officially named as starters.


I always thought the circle drill was a waste of valuable practice time. I have 83 scholarship players standing around doing nothing while two fight in a circle.


Old football is going out the window and it’s good. The less players are smashing into each other the better. I’m sure some of you remember when coaches would say garbage like “water is for the weak” Actually you will die without water. Same thing with sprints. You don’t need linemen running 40 yards as fast as they can over and over when they’re 300 plus.

There are smarter ways to train and condition.


Rice used to do the “circle drill” look how well that turned out.

I really don’t care how they prep as long as:
A. They don’t injure players in practice.
B. They get wins.


Say what you want about the circle drill, but I have noticed that we’ve had a lot less players with concussions since we haven’t been doing it. People can argue that the impact of a circle drill is not that hard but unless you have played football you don’t know how hard your brain can get shaken when you go dead on impact with somebody.

What a lot of people don’t know is that your brain is essentially floating in cerebral spinal fluid and every time you take on impact your brain shakes inside the skull. The harder the impact the harder it shakes within the skull and the more trauma occurs. Even if it’s just a little impact, that impact builds up and makes you more prone to getting a concussion or another concussion.

As far as the yelling, CMA said that he would save the yelling for when it was appropriate. He said if you’re yelling all the time he doesn’t feel like you’re getting your point across. So his objective was to teach and when appropriate he would yell.

And as far is CMA being indecisive with not naming starters and the depth chart, don’t forget how much people were complaining about how bad our offensive line was, our quarterback play was, and how we didn’t have much depth at these positions. Which goes right to what rich was saying, it’s hard to name a starter and the depth chart when you have people that are not really producing the way you want. Throw in the fact also that King was injured and our offensive line coach bailed on us early and CMA had to get a makeshift offensive line coach. A lot of things didn’t fall into place like he originally wanted. Also don’t forget that CMA had originally wanted Briles as his offensive coordinator but we got Johnson instead.

So obviously time will tell but I think he has the coaching staff and the pieces in place that he wants. Considering what we look like on paper this year there should be no excuses. Of course that is barring some major injuries.


plenty colleges have done it this offseason and practices so no.

its not a gimmick its popular and it shows toughness. also the hs recruits love it as well. i went to the spring game 3 seasons ago and the HS recruits talked about it and was hyped when the team did it so don’t give me that.

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