City to Consider $3.2 million Rugby Stadium Bill

(Ryon Adams) #1

Looks as though the city might fund a new stadium for the Houston SaberCats.

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So I guess Houston isn’t on the verge of bankruptcy any more?

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Not based on THIS:


A British fellow I know says that rugby is a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen and football (soccer) is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans. I have always liked the way he put it.

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I’ve heard that too, from an old English buddy who was a huge rugby fan.

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I honestly didn’t know there was a pro rugby league in the US.

If the league helps the US field a more competitive rugby squad for international competition, it can be a success (like MLS for soccer).

(Ryon Adams) #7


It’s just starting up.

Right now, all of the MLR teams, including the Houston Sabercats, are playing exhibition games, mostly against club teams. Starting in April though, they will begin playing a round robin league schedule, with one game per week, including the championship game, televised on NBC Sports.

Check it out!

And until Chicago elevates its local club team to the MLR level (the Sabercats crushed the biggest Chicago club team by a wide margin yesterday), cheer on the Houston SaberCats!!!