CKS and UH Restore Each Other to Prominence


Hard not to get emotional after reading this article.


I am very glad he is here. Terrfic article.


Great article. I sent the writer a note complimenting the article.

(JohnnyCougar) #4

That’s a good piece of writing.

I liked how he described being in a situation where you have to practice what you preach so you don’t disappoint your family.

(PMM) #5

WHAT… this wasn’t a HC story :sunglasses:

(Yobahnmi) #6



Loved reading the article, especially CKS’s statement to UH about the fact that if UH builds the buildings and keeps its promises, he will stay! :clap:


I just sent Mr. Brewer a thank you note.

(Willy) #9

It would sure be nice to see an article like this from the “home town newspaper”

(Albert) #10

What is Hc? …