CKS has a message for club ticket holders

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You don’t have to but it makes for better TV to have the players and coaches facing the cameras. They use portable folding chairs so no big deal. I doubt the refs table is bolted to the ground.


One reason they can’t just flip the cameras is how the arena was designed. There are specific hookups for the cameras and platforms for cameras at midcourt and towards the corners.

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Do you work for the arena crew or just hear from someone that that specific hookups are on only one side of the arena?


An educated guess on the camera hookups, they could have them on both sides, but I would assume they pre-wired the arena considering how modern the building is… it would be a major oversight if not.

That said, there are definitely camera platforms built into the arena design at center court and at the corner near the student section. Another knock on moving the cameras would be the UH logo would be upside down (paint can fix that!).

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The wood floor is not a permanent structure either. It’s meant to be able to remove and reinstall.


New arena has the same design flaw as TDECU. High dollar club seats down low that will basically be half empty or worse on any game that isn’t “big”.

UH went for $s over looks…so get used to it. It won’t change anytime soon.

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The big difference with TDECU is that the camera bays are on the same side as the club. I have no problem with the club design a TDECU. It makes sense that some of your most expensive seats should be closer to the football field. I can see at Fertitta Center how the cameras could be swapped sides. There is an area above a couple of rows in the middle upper deck that can be turned into the new camera area. They could turn the current camera area into a small party porch. The court can be flipped around with no real expense so the UH logo faces the cameras.


Totally forgot about the court not being permanent anymore… just flip that thing around if they can get the cameras to the other side.


I noticed the same. The TDECU design irks me but looks fine on TV even with sparse seating in section 102 to 116. But a lot of Fertitta Center shots looked sad the other night.

(My real issue with TDECU is the South upper deck. It should have been brought all the way down to hang over the lower sections with the walkway underneath instead of in front of the section. I really wanted to be over there but chose the North side 200s instead…as the front row of the South 300’s is about a full story higher than it should have been.)

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I would be great if people who had season tickets in the club section would give them away if they weren’t going to use them or couldn’t sell them.


I watched UT long enough the other night to see that they were 2/3 empty. St Johns played on
national TV in front of 150 max. We are not the exception.


Yeah these are my biggest issues with TDECU/Fertitta

The camera faces the emptier side of the stadium

If it was the other way around, TV games would look so much better

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You don’t want the cameras facing the press box and suite level at TDECU because then you would have the club issues we are seeing with Fertitta Center. Most stadiums also have the camera bays near the press box by the way. TDECU is fine other than not building any restrooms near any of the 300 sections. It is a hike to the concessions and restrooms from there. That is my biggest complaint with TDECU.


You can always announce on here and guaranteed there’ll be Coogs who will use them when you can’t go.


The Admin decided to reward big $ donors with clubs in both TDECU and Fertitta, they put those clubs right in the middle of seating on those respective sides. As mentioned, 11am games during early fb season, makes the club seats look empty. Many of regular seat fans are in the concourse as well. My first trip to Fertitta and I noticed the same Club location. While I appreciate big donors, I think, in both cases, admin missed the boat on club and suite location. Those placements will almost almost result in empty club seats, to a camera. In the fertitta center, the club should have been at the top. It could have been higher in TDECU.


Why don’t we spend our time addressing the lack of fans rather than how it “looks” on TV. On here, we seem to want to spend more time treating the symptoms rather than treating the actual disease itself.

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I am going to the Armed Forces Bowl and traveling back that Sunday, so I will have four club seats available if anyone is interested for the Coppin State game.

Only ask is that whoever wants them actually shows up and cheers on the Coogs.

PM to let me know. First come, first serve.

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Message sent

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Same issue at SMU except the students are behind the SMU bench and up to the opposing bench. They control the club seats by only giving access to the club before the game and during halftime. They start kicking you out with five minutes to go in halftime but you have an hour to hour and a half before the game. Cash bar, free non-alcoholic drinks and some okay food. Nice lounge though with TVs.


Sidenote, OSUs arena looked like crap on TV. Horrible angle on the broadcast and the 2nd level starting after so few 1st level rows reminded me of a high school setup.