CKS Not Worried About Trap Games



Then I sm not…his team is locked in!!!


To be fair, there aren’t really any more trap games unless you’re talking about ECU before we play UCF at home, or SMU before we go to Cincy. The next 4 should all be easily win-able games, especially since there’s really no opportunity to be focusing ahead on a tough upcoming opponent.

@ UConn
@ Tulane
vs USF
vs UCF
vs SMU
@ Cincy

I think all of these games except for Cincy will be 8+ point victories. This team locks in so well.

For UConn, I’m going to say we win 75 - 58 and here’s why. UConn is #172 in team defense giving up 71 ppg. We are averaging 75.5 ppg. Their top 4 scorers are all guards, lead by Jalen Adams at 17.0 ppg. Adams is out and our guard defense between Galen, Corey and Dejon is pretty much lock-down. With no solid go-to guy, I think our guards can take their guards completely out of this game. I’d be shocked if UConn scored more than 60 against us. Coogs will dominate, even on the road.