CKS on Matt Thomas show 2/11/19

(Tom Green) #1

He will be on 12:50 today. Sports Radio 790 am Houston

(Jimmy Morris) #2

He’ll probably ask him a question relating to Astro’s spring training.

(Tom Green) #3

Thanks shaggy. Moving on!

(Tom Green) #4

or maybe about attendance you might want to listen in for sure !!!:joy::joy::rofl::stuck_out_tongue:


with Jim Rome in 4 minutes…

(Tom Green) #6

then at 12:33 will call shaggy to discuss the 112 empty seats I counted yesterday!:grin:



Awesome… commercials! Man I love commercials. Can’t get enough of them.

(Tom Green) #9

no programming w/o commercials. :thinking:


That sounds like a commercial :grin:


I am not sure who the two guys are before Matt but they were begging UH fans to start calling in. Said we must now be great fans and that we can’t name two players on the team.
i told my wife that they probably bad mouth UH all the time and that UH folks just wait for Matt to come on.

(Patrick) #12

Isn’t that Greg Koch and ND Kalu?

I mean, UH fans don’t really listen to sports talk radio because there’s never talk about UH on those programs and if there is, it’s usually negative. Kind of the chicken and egg argument we have about the Chronicle as well; those entities complain that UH doesn’t give them enough ratings or clicks, but when you alienate us for years, we’re probably not going to give you regular ratings or clicks until you show effort to not alienate us.

(sarkcoog) #13

You are correct Pray 10. I stopped listening to sports talk radio a couple of years ago.

1.) How many times can you say the same thing about the Texans, Rockets, Astros ad nauseum.
2.) If all you can find is the negative when there is UH talk, why listen.
3.) When you do have something positive to say, you have to couch in around something negative.

No thanks. I will follow the message boards and enjoy the games in person and on TV.