CKS Radio Show (20-21 Season)


Heads up guys! About to start!!!

I have to admit i lost my rabbit after that tulsa loss. Sorry coach.

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Anybody found the station in the TuneIn app?

KPRC is on iHeart radio . . . . .

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I found out today that you can also listen to it on Spotify

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Today’s radio show was worth listening to. Life lessons and and it’s clear coach really cares about these kids. Most important of all, the kids are doing great in class. Well done !!

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Is there a link to yesterday’s show? Thanks.

Spotify link


The Coogs Corner from a few weeks ago with Branham, Eschenfelder and Pardee was pretty good for football fans.

You can also get it (and Dana show) on the on demand section of the page. But that’s nice it’s on spotify I’ll use that. Less clicks.

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