Class of '20 Preferred Walk-ons

Christian is originally out of Brookshire, but plays LB now for Vermilion Community College. In 5 games this season, he’s made 9 tackles and .5 sack.


Good size and speed, but only benches 165???

As a MLB/DE???

Dude definitely needs to hit the weights!!!


Lol that has to be a typo.


There was a guy in my division, when I was in the navy, that was as strong as an ox but so uncoordinated that he had a hard time doing bench presses because he couldn’t get both arms pushing together. He couldn’t shuffle the cards without bending them in the middle hard enough to put a crease in them. He was a really great guy though.


Now that you mention that, I have met a couple of people that were like that. Amazing strength and size but no coordination. So I guess it could be accurate.

At 5’8" 145 lbs., pretty strong from wheelbarrows, Shovels, hauling trees and shrubs I think I could do maybe 150 and I suuucked at the bench press. I could do the whole stack on the lat pull, curl well over 100, and dead lift beyond what I should for my frame… 165?


OL Shane Stroyke out of Loyola High School in Los Angeles.

Interesting prospect. Volleyball player who needs a lot of weightroom time


What’s the difference between a PWO and Grayshirt? Also a regular walk on is pretty special too with the locker, training table, weight regimen, etc.

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PWO is basically someone the coaches want to come in and try to walk-on since they might have some potential. Likely they make the team as a walk-on and can play/practice immediately.

Gray shirt is someone with questionable academics that the coaches bring in with the understanding that they have to do well in school to make the team. They can’t play or practice with the team until they get that semester in. Normally, they are someone who would otherwise have a scholarship offer


TE Conner Kinslow from Katy Tompkins - Has offers from Dartmouth, Bucknell, Colgate, Columbia, Montana State, and Penn

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Lol it’s a Typo.

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Wow! With offers like those, he must be quite a scholar!!! Hopefully, he’ll win some academic AND athletic accolades!


6’5" and 300 pounds at Offensive Tackle.

Surprising that he doesn’t have a free ride offer somewhere.

And if he does, and chose us anyway…then WOW!!!

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