Class of 2020 offers


Nice!! He has it as his Twitter avatar. Even if he is not a future Coog it shows our graphics team has a good pulse on the youth and how to get their attention.


Thank you for posting Patrick. Have we recruited Hutchison before or is this new with the new staff? I feel like we recruited someone from there years ago but it never developed.

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3* WR Detraveon Brown from Shreveport, LA - has offers from Kansas, ULL, ULM, and Southern Miss

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We have 2 recruits from this last class that are from Hutchinson: Jamykel Neal and Justin Harris. Coaching staff was also in on DT Tayland Humphrey in the class before that who was from Klein Oak and ended up at Hutchinson, but he ended up going to FIU.

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3* Dual Threat QB Keilon Brown from Zachary, LA - Has 10 other offers including Baylor, Virginia, Cincy and Tulane

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The list would be shorter if it was list of who didn’t get offered. :stuck_out_tongue:. Amazing these Schools now how many offers they put out there. See who bites first I guess.


One thing that has caught my eye is that the new staff is everywhere (location) as far as offering players. CMA was basically only offering HS players from the Greater Houston it seem.

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He recruited LA quite a bit and Dallas/FtWorth. But I’m going to let any CMA talk go. That bridge already burned to the ground. I wish him nothing but success in his life and Football career.


Thank you. Sorry for the brain fart, I totally knew that. And yes, Humphrey was who I was thinking about.

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Lot of Georgia, Arkansas, even heavier in Louisiana than the previous staff.

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I imagine you recruit hard your coaches previous high school relationships especially when they’re new here. While they work on forming More Houston and East Texas ties

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Is Wooten related to Dixie?

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Doesn’t look like it.

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3* WR Makholven Sonn from New Iberia, LA - Has offers from Arkansas, Kansas, and West Virginia

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