Class of 2020 offers

(Patrick) #82

3* WR Quin Bright from Cedar Hill - Has offers from Arkansas, Baylor, Colorado, Iowa State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Texas Tech, Utah, Southern Miss, and South Alabama

(Patrick) #83

3* OT Andrej Karic from Southlake Carroll - Has offers from Baylor, Nebraska, Oregon, Texas Tech, and SMU

(Patrick) #84

QB Justin Dixon from Tampa, FL - Kid is off the radar of the recruiting sites and doesn’t have a 247 page. Did receive his first 5 offers yesterday: UH, FAU, Coastal Carolina, Arkansas Baptist, and Abilene Christian

(Patrick) #85

OT Jalen Lee from Watson, LA - Has offers from Tulane, Southern Miss, South Alabama, Louisiana Tech, and ULaLa. (247 and Rivals are slacking as they don’t seem to have a player page for him that I can find - kid has had offers since May 1)

(Mike Higdon) #86

It’s rumored that he’s faster than a speeding bullet (well, even relatively slow bullets are still fast) and can jump tall buildings in a single bound.

(Patrick) #87

(Patrick) #88

(Patrick) #89

OT Paula Vaipulu from Channelview - This is his first offer. He attended UH camp in June.

I included his HUDL page since he doesn’t have a 247 page, but there are no videos on it.

(Patrick) #90

(Patrick) #91

CB Nathan Montgomery from New Orleans - Doesn’t have a 247 page, but does have offers from Purdue and Mizzou. Included the HUDL down below

(Patrick) #92

4* WR Traeshon Holden from Baltimore, MD - Has offers from WVU, Boston College, Florida, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Maryland, UMass, Michigan, Michigan State, Pitt, Temple, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Virginia, VA Tech

NOTE: Tyron Carrier was his primary recruiter while at WVU

(Patrick) #93

New staff is back on Achane. He’s been moved to WR and has 10 offers now (FSU, Kansas, LSU, Ole Miss, A&M, Texas Tech, SMU, and Tulane

(Ricardo Montano) #94

3* DE Jashaud Stewart offered. Has offers from Arkansas, Arkansas St, and Liberty


Stewart is from Arkansas, cool. CDH is focusing on other states not named Texas.

(Tom Green) #96

Pretty sure that’s a connection our new DC had with this kid. You can see he’s has offer from Ark ST., which you would think came when DC was still there.

(Ben B) #97

Stewart seems to have the measurements of a LB not a DE.


Our last staff had this bad. I don’t understand the point in recruiting tweeners. He looks more like a safety to me. Having little LB depth, recruiting 220 LBs, then injuries happen is what get’s you blown out by triple-option teams. Hopefully the coaches have a legitimate plan for his development.


We have done fine with HS LBs in this size range that put on mass in redshirt years. Even some of better DEs were closer to 220-230 out of HS.


I agree and disagree at the same time. We did good when we had Orlando and McKnight, but Applewhite and company gave me PTSD about doing that. I think the best thing is to recruit players at their HS position instead of moving them around and assuming they’ll put on the weight or pick up the technique to play another. It also becomes a wasting time/resources issue trying to cross-train players.

For example, Taj Brown was recruited as a MLB, but he outgrew his projected weight and they moved him to DE this year; coaches then had to spend time(although I really think they didn’t) teaching him how to play defensive end. In short, how detrimental can a bunch of guys floating around between positions be to the success of the team? Look no further than to last year.

But as I’ve said, the current staff is different so maybe they’ll have a working plan for him. I’m optimistic but skeptical at the same time.

(Patrick) #101

3* DE/TE Blayne Toll from Hazen, AR - Has offers from Arkansas State, Tennessee, Louisville, Oklahoma State, Rutgers, LSU, Kansas, TCU, Memphis, Southern Miss, Texas State, and Central Michigan