Class of 2020 offers

(Patrick) #142

3* OT Ty’Kieeast Crawford from Carthage (He visited during the USF game last year) - Has offers from Baylor, Arkansas, Mizzou, Oklahoma State, and SMU

(David) #143

Bad sign that he forgot to post the UH offer?

(Patrick) #144

Maybe, but at least he posted it. I’ve seen guys not post offers they got from Houston, but post others.

(Patrick) #145

(Tom Green) #146

Pretty sure he committed to Baylor.

(Patrick) #147

You are correct; missed that. Good eyes.

(Khefren Savannah) #148

First post, love what y’all have here. Quick edit for you, Vernon Broughton Jr. goes to Cy-Ridge. I think you have him as Spring Woods. You do great work and I appreciate all your team does.

(Patrick) #149

You are correct, he’s moved since he was offered by us. He played this past season at Cy-Ridge.

Thanks for pointing that out. Appreciate you coming by.

(Patrick) #150

S Art Green from Hutchinson CC - Has an offer from South Carolina

(Patrick) #151

(Patrick) #152

(Patrick) #153

C/O '20 ATH Corey Wren from New Orleans, LA - Has 12 other offers including Wazzu, Kentucky, Kansas, Boston College, and Colorado

(Patrick) #154

C/O '20 CB Joshua Eaton from Aldine MacArthur - Has offers from Baylor, Florida, Indiana, Mizzou, and Oklahoma


Doesn’t it seem like we’re going after a different level player for 2020? (I mean no disrespect to our current players.) if that’s true, why?

(Ben B) #156

No. People offer the higher rated players first, even old staff, after you know they aren’t interested you offer the next on the list. This is a loose explanation since people offer way more scholarships than they have.

(Patrick) #158

No, we were offering top guys under the last staff. Looks like this staff is pounding Houston and Louisiana hard for next year though.


I would like to get excited about this offer thread but it’s a lot of candy we’ll never get a chance to taste.

I would prefer a Commit thread.


then don’t open this one

(Patrick) #161

3* RB Frank Brown from Houston Sterling - Has offers from Arizona, Arkansas, and Colorado

(Patrick) #162

3* RB Kyle Edwards from Destrehan, LA - Has offers from Alabama, Arizona, Kentucky, Colorado, Louisville, A&M, Utah, Virginia, and South Alabama