Class of 2021 offers

(Patrick) #41

(Patrick) #42

4* RB Brandon Campbell from Pearland - Has offers from Illinois State and William and mary

(Patrick) #43

RB LJ Johnson from Cy Fair - Offers from Arizona, Arkansas, and Baylor

(Patrick) #44

(Mike Hull) #45

I’m not sure what year he is, but a guy at work told me that North Shore has the no. 1 RB in the nation and no.2 overall player in the U.S. The post about the NS QB made me think of this.

We’ve got some great kids from North Shore over the years (Egbule is the latest that I remember), but it’d be nice to get a few more than we are.

(Patrick) #46

4* CB Hunter Washington from Katy- Has an offer from Tulane

(Patrick) #47

RB Cam’ Ron Valdez from Rockdale - Has an offer from Michigan

(Patrick) #48

TE Var’Keyes Gumms from Dekaney - Has offers from LSU and Texas