Class of 2021 offers

TE Lake McRae from Lake Travis - Has offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Baylor, Purdue, TCU, Texas, Tulsa, North Texas, and UTSA

OT Matthew Wykoff from Magnolia - Has offers from SMU and Tulsa

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4* WR Billy Bowman Jr from Denton - Has 18 other offers already

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4* DE Ja’Tavion Sanders from Denton - Offers from Arkansas, Baylor, Florida, FSU, Georgia, LSU, Mizzou, Notre Dame, Ohio State, OU, Oklahoma State, Purdue, TCU, Texas, A&M, Texas Tech, Washington, and SMU

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WR Isaiah Brevard from Southaven, MS - Has offers from Ole Miss, Arkansas, Duke, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Indiana, Louisville, Mississippi St, Memphis, Tulane and Southern Miss

4* OG Bryce Foster from Katy Taylor - Has 22 other offers from a variety of P5 programs.

Got one…trying to get another

WR Landen King from Atascocita - Has an offer from TSU

Athlete Brandon Epton Jr from Dallas - Offer from Illinois

Jerand Bradley of JPII in Plano received an offer yesterday at a camp.

6’5” 190 WR with offers from Colorado, Nebraska and Arkansas. My nephew is a junior OT at JPII blocking for Jerand.

I like that size!

It’s nice to see us offering all these kids who already have tons of offers from teams like LSU, Bama, Ou, Notre Dame, Georgia, Ohio State, etc. But how many of them have any interest in UH other than piling up offers to stroke their own egos?

Part of the casting a wide net I guess. Offers are a no lose proposition, throw them out and if one of those big fish strikes on the hook that’s awesome. If not there’s no loss.

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Dual Threat QB Lucas Coley from Converse Judson - offers from ULL and SHSU

Another Friday Night Tyke.

The broad net we are casting for bigger fish excites me after all the years of fishing for the big school’s culls. I remember many years looking at the Chronicle Top 100 and seeing few players committed to UH. We’ve done well coaching up our talent but talent makes a huge difference. If we want to be a “bigger program” we need to be fishing for better quality players. No one knows what leads a player to decide to come or when those higher quality players may make a decision to come to UH. But, landing a couple may well make all the difference in our program over their years at UH. Having 4-5* players with 4-3* depth behind greatly increases our chances on the field. This also leads to it being more acceptable for other high quality players to come to the UH.

Specifically, I’ve often wondered why we didn’t seem to recruit my old high school North Shore. I worked in the district for years and kept up with the high school even later through family who attended and played there. Few UH coaches evidently ever made a play for the top NS players or even came by on a regular basis. Meanwhile, the cow college, the farmers and even LSU raided the top players.

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Herman was working on North Shore…then he left. Hologrsen has already made it a point to hit North Shore heavily.

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It seems to be all about confidence, something neither Herman nor Holgerson are lacking. There’s such a strong pitch to be made about staying home and playing in front of your friends and family that the only reason I can think of that other coaches didn’t try was fear of failure/rejection.

I remember when Tom Penders refused to recruit Yates high school. I could never figure out why, other than that he was from the northeast and that’s where his contacts were. James Dickey (of all people) came in and immediately got Joe Young (if I recall that timeline correctly). Sometimes you just need to try.


Penders did go after Joe Young, but wouldn’t accept the Michael Young part of the deal so Joe went to Providence if I remember right. As soon as Penders was let go, Dickey brought on Michael and Joe came home. Penders just wouldn’t play around with deals like that; the famous Deandre Jordan episode with Byron Smith ended up in Penders’ book…Jordan wanted to play for Houston, but only if Penders brougth Byron Smith along…Penders said no so they went to A&M instead.

But, football is a different game. I agree, I think there’s an expectation on how to recruit Houston and I’m not sure some of our head coaches were very good at doing that. Helton was awful at it…ended up turning a lot of local coaches off to UH. Briles was able to come in and at least mend some of those fences, Sumlin did a good job as well as he wasn’t afraid. Levine did a pretty good job as well, but the losses ended up turning folks off…even still, he brought in a lot of underrated talent. Herman made it his calling card…Applewhite wasn’t into it that much and tried to focus on finding guys all over Texas instead.