Class of 2022 Offers

(Patrick) #1

Yep…first offer to a current 8th grader:

C/O '22 QB Bryan Allen Jr from Ft Worth Southwest Middle School - has no other offers as of yet

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I truly hate this kind of thing. I know a lot of big programs do this, but it always feels stupid and gimmicky to me. What in the world can you tell about how a kid will perform in college while he’s in 8th grade? Especially when it’s obvious the kid hit puberty way before everyone else and is a man among boys at that level. What happens when all the other kids catch up to him and he hasn’t been working to get better because he’s always been naturally better than everyone else? This is stupid.

(Ben B) #3

Well, he is already 6’1" and 180 lbs. So he is going to have some size. You can also tell if there is natural athletic ability. This isn’t something we are in the habit of doing, so I suspect that if Applewhite did this he thinks this kid may be one very gifted person.


You might be right, but I just don’t see the benefit of offering someone so early. Is there any evidence that the first to offer has more success in landing someone, especially when the kid is in junior high? And what if something happens as he gets older (decides he wants to play basketball instead, gets hurt, never improves)? Can we withdraw the offer any time before he accepts it?

All that to say, I wish we had waited until he’s at least a sophmore in HS.

(Ben B) #5

The coaching staff can pull the offer at any time.



(Jimmy Morris) #7

This is UH. By the time this kid graduates, we will have had two more coaching changes.


Really /\ , so if he does not graduate, do we get to keep the coach ?

(Ben B) #9

A fun thing to think about is if we still have the same coach it means we have had a five year run of great football and a coach that likes where he is.

(Jimmy Morris) #10

If Applewhite is still coach in 4 years, it means he has done good but not as good as Herman or Fisher.

(Ben B) #11

It could mean he has done quite well, but LSU and Texas has won enough for their coaches to not get fired. If Applewhite averaged 10 wins here I think he would wait until he could cherry pick one of those two jobs.

(Jimmy Morris) #12

I’m sure you meant A&M and Texas and I agree.


He is from Louisiana, so why not LSU ? I do feel at some point in time a successful coach will stay here in spite of some of you. He is certainly not leaving because of some of you. There is nothing wrong with the glass being half full.

(Patrick) #17

Athlete Jordan Williams from Kinkaid - Mostly played QB, but also some RB for the school - 1st offer

Note: C/O '19 RB Josh Williams, brother, was offered by the Coogs. Both are sons of former UH RB Jermaine Williams.

(Patrick) #18

RB Emeka Megwa from Fort Worth - Has offers from Baylor, Florida, and Illinois

(Patrick) #19

OT Kam Dewberry from Atascocita - Has offers from Baylor and A&M

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