Classless tech fans

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(Patrick) #2

Worst part is the 395 likes in 49 minutes. There’s some good Tech fans, but there’s quite a few classless ones and a lot of them are on the internet.


Wow. Really clever.


Do they understand what we really went through…and these classless jerks make light of Harvey!!! They are equal to UT jerk fans…


I thought it was a funny sign. And based on the results, they were right.

(PortlandCoog) #6

You think a sign about death and destruction is funny? Sorry but this seems indefensible.

(Chris) #7

What is wrong with you Moncoog? Are you posting THIS on purpose?


I agree with mon. I don’t buy the fake outrage some of y’all put on , you’ve never seen a 9/11 joke on the internet? Don’t be such snowflakes, our defense is everything but above water after today.


But at least the sign was part of a community project, having 2nd graders at the local elementary school make and write the sign and all.


Tasteless but it doesn’t hurt my feelings. It’s a joke. Get over it.

(Will) #11

Ive never see a 911. Joke tellers bettee pray to God I don’t see one. Just shows we have some classless fans like Texas Tech


Every teams fan base has its share of a holes. Ours a little less than most.

(Ron Derrington) #13

Our house was flooded, and even I got a slight chuckle. Not an overly classy gesture on the sign maker’s part; but generally harmless. Lighten up Francis.


Frankly, I’m more offended by our secondary.

(P S) #16

You can always tell who didn’t win the game because they always have a “the other team’s fans are classless” thread.


you are 100% a tech fan…this thread started before the game


Can’t be offended by a sign that looks like it was created by an elementary school student.