Clayton Picks All the Games Correctly: Week 4- The Shuffleboard Edition

(Patrick) #1

Love Trutor; funny Cincy guy

Texas Tech (2-0) at Houston (2-0): I sat next to a guy named Clayton on a Peter Pan bus from Albany to New York in 2005. He had spent twenty minutes in the terminal on the pay phone having the loudest conversation I’d ever heard. He had a roll of quarters with him and he was feeding them to the phone like it was an air hockey table. The conversation was something about a family reunion. He kept yelling “Daddy” at the guy on the other end, presumably his father.

_“Three Generations of ______…Your Grandfather, Daddy, Me, and Junior," which made no sense at all.

He was the last guy on the bus and, of course, he chose to sit next to me from among the five remaining empty seats. Every ten minutes he asked the bus driver if we could stop so he could use the payphone to call Daddy.

He didn’t say anything to me during the ride, but he played some mean air guitar, especially when we went through Newburgh. When we finally got to the city, he kept asking the driver to let him out, which he finally did. Somewhere just south of Yankee Stadium and well after dark.

Final Score: Houston 51 Texas Tech 20