Clemson ahead of The OSU and OU


Go figure. Tigers lose to unranked and still unranked Syracuse. OU lost to ranked, though not at the time, ISU, and Buckeyes lost to OU.
No way Clemson should be ahead of them.


Clemson has wins over Auburn and Va Tech. Committee probably also took into account that QB Kelly was severely hobbled vs Syracuse …eventually knocked out.
I was pleased to see that they valued head to head…for instance…ND only loss to #1 Georgia by 1 pt…so #3. Okla #5 ahead #6 Ohio St who they beat and Penn St #7…losing to Ohio St by 1.

(Patrick) #3

I’m all for 2 SEC, Notre Dame and Clemson getting in and keeping 3 other conferences out. That will speed up the expansion of the playoffs.

(Brad) #4

These don’t matter. Remember in 2014 when TCU went from #3 to #6 in the final week when they didn’t even play a game?

Best thing that can happen for UH is for Big 12, Pac-12 and B1G/ACC to be held out. We want Bama, Georgia, Notre Dame and Clemson to win out (with Alabama losing a close one to Georgia in triple overtime).

B1G will consider being held out a huge pile of dung.

Pac12 will not be happy being pushed out.

And the Big 12 will have only appeared in 1 playoff game to date.

The push for adding 4 more teams, and only extending the season one more game will be unbearable.


If Notre Dame wins out and doesn’t make the top 4, do you think they join the ACC as a full member?

(Patrick) #6

No, they have a sweet deal with NBC and they’ll still get a NY6 berth.

They could help pressure for an expansion of the playoff though.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #7

If the B1G Champion is either Ohio State or Wisconsin, that program will make the CFP.

Big XII will need OU to win out to make it in my opinion. It will be a tough decision for the CFP Committee if the above happens.

I can’t wait!


Adding 4 teams and 1 more game will not end the incestuous nature of the national championship playoff. It is designed to make sure that teams that play will only be the best known teams from the top money conferences. With 8 then each of the Money 5 will have 1 team and 3 will get a second team with Notre Dame thrown in occasionally to take the place of one of the Money 5. Remember, a winless Vanderbilt playing a winless Tennessee has a better strength of schedule rating than UH playing Navy with a divisional title on the line.


The selection committee should be eliminated. It has ranked 6 teams that are 7-1 over 2 teams (Wisc and Miami) that are undefeated. Wisconsin is 8-0 and Miami is 7-0. Wisconsin should be in the top 4 and Miami should be in the top 6.


I’m all for any conference or team in the playoffs, except anyone from the B12. Glad that Clemson ahead of OU.

(sarkcoog) #11

If things go the way they are currently, you will have the following.

ACC - One loss Clemson or Undefeated Miami
SEC - One loss and one undefeated, Georgia & Alabama
B1G - One loss Ohio State or undefeated Wisconsin
Big 12 - One loss Oklahoma or TCU or OSU
PAC 12 - One loss Washington or someone with two losses
Notre Dame - One loss

ESPN is the one who created this playoff system. If the above happens, or even if the Big 12 champion is out with two losses, I seriously doubt Notre Dame will make the playoffs. They will use the same 13 data point argument with them that they used on the Big 12. And I think it will be done to try and force Notre Dame into a conference.

Motivation: Notre Dame helps ESPN sell the ACC Network into markets. They can negotiate a deal with NBC in carrying some ACC games and get Notre Dame away games and maybe one home game, some of which would be on the new network. To get to sixteen, ACC has to add one more team and you take someone from the AAC thus lowering their market value just as they are in new contract negotiations. Forcing Notre Dames hand could save ESPN money. While there would be backlash, again the Playoffs are under contract with ESPN for several more years. A push by the P5 to go to a larger playoff requires ESPN support. So a good deal would be struck be ESPN either way, by having a reason for excluding Notre Dame from the playoffs.

Again my opinion, and there may be flaws that I do not know about.

(PMM) #12

Minimum requirement…You HAVE to be a CONFERENCE CHAMPION.

(Brad) #13

All “make it an 8 team playoff” talk that I have heard is pretty much this:

5 - Conference champ from each P5 conference
1 - Best (highest rated) G5 school
2 - At large bids

You can make a good argument that is still disproportionately unfair, but it’s better than the current system, which puts us hoping and thankful to be in a NY6 bowl.

(Cary) #14

The AAC is already far and away considered the best of the rest (P6 all the way! :joy:) This would essentially become an auto bid for the AAC. A one-loss Navy almost beat out an undefeated WMU to go to the access bowl, but you have to be the conference champion and Navy, due to injuries, couldn’t finish off Temple.

(Ben B) #15

If you take it to eight it should be the eight highest ranked conference champs.


How would they handle a 2 loss conference champion that in an OOC game lost to a conference runner up that is ranked higher than the 2 loss conference champion? Or is it the rule that confernce champions get in no matter?


You’re so over-thinking this. Win conference, get in, next six highest ranked, get in. Use a computer to rank them, to account for all those variables, I don’t care. Don’t get in? Get over it. Try again next year.


Big 12 should be punished for the BS they try to pull every year.


Notre Dame makes less with NBC than the rest of the ACC with their deal with ACC network. Notre Dame makes 15M ACC members make 25M. I think they would consider joining.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #20

4 20 team conferences
each conference with 4 Pods (A-D) of 5 teams
every year Pod A plays everyone in Pod A and then one year everyone in Pod B, next year everyone in Pod C, and the next year everyone in Pod D
Each team can also schedule 3/4 OOC games
The winner of Pod A/B plays the winner of Pod C/D for conference championship (this is pretty much an 8 team playoff)
The conference champions all play each other in a 4 team playoff

The 40+ teams in FBS that don’t make the 80 team cut, move to FCS
Problem solved