Closed because of politics RE: SMU canceled? (Yup, postponed)

Reports from Barstool are game may be canceled

Any of the scheduled football games, for any teams, “may” be cancelled. But, then again, they may not.

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Until it is actually cancelled, I am going with the game being played. Last week there were reports that the USF game would probably have been cancelled, but it wasn’t. They have tests 3 times a week and we don’t know what the results will be. We will just have to wait and see.


I’ll wait for confirmation from an actual journalist.


I think they should play regardless. Not the infected player, but the person as his backup. Next man up!

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Supposedly USF was one player away from having to cancel. Credit to them for not adding that extra player to the injury report to get out of the game. They’re down to 63 players now.


According to Dana, we were also 1 or 2 players away from having to cancel due to combination of COVID and injuries.

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Kudos to them for not going full Baylor


Reschedule UNT

I’m sure it will be the lead Ted Koppel Nightline story tonight. Lol.

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Their last 3 games have been postponed/cancelled

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But is it us or SMU with Covid or both?

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Which team is needing to cancel?

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My thoughts Exactly

JD’s favorite news to announce.
Can we please finish conference play

We cancelled practice today. That is not a good sign


Was that on Twitter

I must have missed where we were missing players due to covid last week. Has there been a report on how many were out?

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12 just for covid??

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