Closed for petty bickering —> Read Between The Lines?

Why would we need QB transfer Cooper?

We have 4 QB’s on the roster already including 2 who started for UH in 2019.

Read King’s latest tweet.

I’d be surprised if Cooper is a QB here. I also think he’s a PWO. If King transferred, we would have 2 QBs on ship next year and one will be a true freshman. Not ideal.


What was Kings latest tweet?

I’m over King. I know, I know. But seriously, why is D’eriq tweeting like the football world is against him for the past 2-3 months? If he truly feels like he has been mistreated or undervalued then please, let him use his last year of eligibility elsewhere.This city loves him, this university loves him, and he is putting his own priorities in front of the team and his tweets do not reflect a senior quarterback ready to lead his team to victory in 2020.

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That tweet could be talking about other schools who pursuing him. We’ll see.

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Anybody want to actually put the quote in this thread?

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This is from two hours ago. Not sure why it triggered anyone.


It’s pretty obvious he’s either: 1) not a fan of Coach Holgerson’s love of chemically enhanced Red Bull, or 2) a huge fan of Coach Holgerson’s beautiful all-natural hair!

IT’S THE REAL THING! No extensions, no glue, no product, just the beauty of nature.


Well, I have always believed that reading between the lines is a euphemism for paranoid.


Stupid, unreasonably paranoid posts like this is what he’s most likely talking about.

Like I said before if the moderators around here actually did their jobs and shut this type of talk down, this wouldn’t have happened. Other schools’ board don’t allow transfer speculation if the player is not in the transfer portal.

TOS doesn’t allow transfer speculation if they’re not in the portal.


Y’all that are not on Twitter are fools if you are in opposition of the meaning of this tweet. This is one of many tweets of his that implies he is either not happy with his position in the program or how the NFL scouting recruits persevere his ability to play quarterback at the next level. Regardless, give me less of this and more of a guy who wants to win for his team, not elevate his draft stock in 2021. Enough said.

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Fortunately for us Holgerson is the coach of this team instead of you. I want guy who will do everything they can to bust their ass to get to the NFL. Which helps them and UH longterm.

You can live in the “I must pray to Shasta” delusion if you want.

I don’t see how it implies either


This has been a useless trash thread! Mod’s should shut it down.


“No fake stuff around me” is not fake stuff. There is no reason for Dana to take a transfer senior QB since we already have a Senior QB.

We have mods?

He is a low level transfer. Low low level. Has a fit on our team but “IF” king left he is third behind Tune and coach’s son.

Do we even know King is talking about football, he has a life outside of football. Maybe he is talking about a friend, a girl or something else.


What senior QB transfer are we getting?

Yall are paranoid. That’s just a guy tweeting quotes.