Cloud hangs over UH and prez Khator over soccer

Not certain if this should reside here or elsewhere* but it is serious enough to warrant attention by all coog fans …

Reported tonight on Channel 2 news … the investigation is broadening on the soccer punishment and the e-mails prez Khator received …

Rick Flores a former Travis county prosecutor (and UT grad and UT law school) wants an independent investigation and process and that it be taken out of the UH campus police jurisdiction …


Reminds me of MSNBC stuff. Hopefully this subsided or Khator has a good response to this.

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Once again, our media is terrible.


Every single athletic program has these types of training concerns at one point or another.
Did the player have pre-medical issues before this happened? That is what I want to know. Did hazing occur? Only the program can answer that. Players crying or getting sick. Yes, it can happen at every level including the pros.
I did play soccer in the mid of Houston’s Summer. It can be brutal if you are not used to it. This happened in the Winter. Conditioning is key. Did Bocanegra establish a link between losses and lack of fitness?
Our 2018 record was at 7-10-2.
Our 2017 record was at 7-9-1
Did Bocanegra lose the locker room? That is always possible. Every program has a strength and conditioning log. That will give us the answer. I reserve my judgement until all facts come out.

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And we should expect a fair “investigation”; s-u-r-e, we should!


We won 1 conference game the 4 years before Bocanegra got here. However that record looks and whatever you think about this situation, the on field product has improved dramatically since this coach and staff took over.

The ‘story’ had nothing new in it other than a quote from a guy with 4 total years of experience as a prosecutor who isn’t even currently working as one.

Its a juicy sounding story, but the fact that nearly 100% of the coverage has come from Diaz and KPRC tells you something. If there was real evidence of abuse why wouldn’t Ch 11, Ch 13 or Ch 26 (not to mention print outlets locally and statewide) also be covering this?


Why didn’t this Bonghorn guy demand an investigation into the crimes that took place at UT several years ago when the UT chancellor (William McRaven) refused to turn over documents to investigators and did a complete coverup of the crimes that took place at UT? You see, back then news surfaced that UT officials were guilty of admitting students into the school that weren’t qualified to attend the school but only got into UT simply out of being friends or family members of those school officials and McRaven tried to keep those secrets down and protect high-ranking school officials guilty of those crimes from facing punishments rather than help the state fix the problems!

Those were major crimes that took place at UT and what made the crimes even worse was the stonewalling and outright refusal by McRaven to turn over documents to concerned school board members and outside investigators ordered by the school! Several school board members and alumni working at the school were fired for demanding that McRaven should allow investigators to see what were in those documents, how many students were let in because of nepotism, for how long these crimes were taking place, and how far up the chain of command did these crimes were known to school officials? Those things were never answered thanks to William McRaven’s crime in itself!

McRaven even went as far as destroying documents and other evidence to save the school from embarrassment and legal troubles!

Also worth mentioning is the hundreds of millions of dollars in land that McRaven was guilty of buying in southwest Houston using the PUF fund that UT received from the state without approval from the state government! These were major crimes that McRaven and UT officials were guilty of committing and the UT school system is the biggest in the state and the world and those crimes were kept quiet from the public and we don’t see many TV or newspaper media cover those crimes. However, when a much smaller incident that took place at UH is relentlessly being pursued by the media and UT alumni, it is extremely suspicious to me! Where were the media and these UT officials when UT committed actual crimes? And why are they so concerned when a bad judgement from a school soccer coach took place at UH?

It seems to me these Bonghorns and their media are trying to look for a way to bring down the best chancellor and school president UH ever had —— Renu Khator! They simply can’t stand the fact that UH has the best school president in the entire state and she is transforming UH into an elite school that could rival UT in the future! These Bonghorns alway have the mentality that in order to make UT the best, they must bring other schools around their school down! Maybe they should look into their own dark hearts, and fix them, instead of worrying about what is happening at UH!


It sounds like UT wants the NCAA investigating UH which takes years and could have an affect on UH getting into a P5. UT doesn’t want UH in the Big 12 or any other P5.

Read between the line.


Does anyone know where Mario Diaz went to school?


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Malfeasance by the media is common. All companies have breakdowns in personnel performance. With thousands of staff members at UH or any other institution this is to be expected. If the
wrongdoer was fired after the conduct was learned of that is the end of it. If the employee committed
a crime turn it over to the police. In the case of Channel 2 they have the same problem as everybody else. Living in a glass house should have discouraged their behavior. I could name a bunch of false and misleading coverages by them and I am not even trying.


We all discussed this bs a while back, and this board pretty much decided that the scope and tone of the reporting was a Hit Piece.
Now, months later, just before classes start, they chose to resurrect this AGAIN…
There’s your answer.
It is a Hit Piece.


I love how KPRC keeps mentioning that no one at UH will sit down with them. You mean that folks don’t want to go on record before an investigation finishes in which there may be punitive actions taken against the entity in which they are administrators of. I mean, they’d be extremely stupid to do something along those lines and any law school attendee would advise them not to.

Two, they don’t mention that a man that was in charge of the workouts was fired due to these workouts. That wouldn’t jive with the narrative that nothing is being done.

KPRC also won’t report that a number of players that were part of that workout, and parents have come out vouching for Bocanegra and the program. Why, because they came out to JD and on social media and KPRC is driving a narrative. They also put their name out there while the folks that are talking to KPRC won’t. KPRC is saying that’s because the atmosphere is so hostile at UH that these “players” are fearful of retribution. Of this point, if you’re that afraid of our coach and UH, why are you still at the school and why are you still with the program?

My guess is that there’re some former players that aren’t happy with how Bocanegra came in and changed things up. My guess is that these players left the program and the school, but have decided to try and get some money or take down Bocanegra. They also knew that KPRC is basically a tabloid news station and will continue to f*** that chicken because, maybe, it seems to get a response. The fact that they now have a former UT prosecuted coming in on this story says a lot about how badly KPRC wants this to be a thing.


If Michigan State and Penn State can survive the horrible things that went on there, I suspect this issue with our women’s soccer program will soon pass.

It’s a different era, when I played football we could be treated anyway the coach saw fit to treat us. What was described with the soccer team punishment practices was pretty common back in the day. I don’t think that one legged SOB would not survive in todays environment.


UT attacking UofH, I wonder why ?, there must be something that UofH is doing at the capital level that UT can’t stand or can’t handle
This is interesting indeed


And our one legged SOB trainer is in the College Trainer HOF, if I am not mistaken😃

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Great points. Media outlets survive because of advertisers. I’ll call kprc and voice my discontent. I encourage everyone to do the same. It is time that this type of false news stops.


UT-Houston…That is it!


Oh, I forgot to mention the scandal that rocked UT also involved briberies! One of the things that the investigators were trying to look into was which school officials received bribes from the students that they let in! This was when William McRaven got really nervous and put a roadblock to any request for documents and other evidence! The fact that McRaven was still allowed to keep his job is a scandal and a crime it itself!