CMA bday

(CoogNation_14) #1

Just a funny laugh worth sharing.

. @UHCougarFB @CoachApplewhite celebrates his 40th birthday today. Cue the ‘I’m a man ... ‘

— Joseph Duarte (@Joseph_Duarte) July 26, 2018

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For those without twitter.


Happy Birthday Coach!

(WRB) #4

Happy Happy Happy Birthday CMA!:birthday:


Happy Birthday CMA, may you wear your number well this year!

(Craig Wiggins) #6

Happy Birthday Coach. Enjoy it while you can. One day you will reach my age and it seems everybody that is celebrating a Birthday is younger then you. Now my mind is saying hang on youngster, I ain’t that old yet but then the body says Oh go ahead I’ll catch up. Lol. Heck if I could remember the lines and I don’t won’t to go look them up, It’s like the Toby Kieth song about I’m not as good as I use to be but I’m as good once as I ever was.


Happy Birthday Coach. Hope it was a great day and that this will be the greatest year of your life.