CMA was HOT!


Coming off the field, TP asked him few questions and he was HOT with the D. Nice to see that emotion, said tackling and coverage couple times.

(Patrick) #2

Good to hear. Something needs to change on that side of the ball.

(Chris) #3

You make your own bed. I am going to keep writing it but t-tech should not be a mystery to us. CMA seems to be a great guy but these loses do not happen by mistake. This was in the making from last season. 12 months have passed. When a Team can’t adjust or evolve the result will be the same.
CMA can be as hot as he wants he hired D’Onofrio like our past OC.


Let’s see if he’s “hot” enough to actually do what needs to be done. Otherwise, it’s all show.

Lack of discipline. Poor tackling. Horrible play calling. No half time adjustments. Simply unacceptable.

(Christopher W Allison) #5

Why wait till the was over to be upset… should have lit a :fire: under there ass at halftime


He needs to fire DC tomorrow!!

(Cary) #7

CMD can still get it done against run based teams. No need to fire him now. We are stuck with what we have until the end of the year. Just pray for the best


We could not stop San Diego state’s run. We lost to Tulane last year…hmmmmm

(Cary) #9

That was Orlando


How much of a hit would UH have to eat if he did get the ol’ bootski?


Pretty sure our offense will score more than 17 points this year.


We gave up 288 yards rushing to 2 win Tulsa

(Cary) #13

The offense stunk up the place against Tulsa last year. Not worried about the game.

(Ian Blake) #14

honestly, I can give a hoot if he is hot. Hopefully he can get hot off the payroll soon.


605 yards to a freshman QB. Needs to get fired tonight.


Bowman for Heisman!

(Butch) #17

And our best team since the SWC disbanded lost to UConn, our only loss on the year…

(Chris Vaughan) #18

His seat got hot

(Cary) #19

No, it didn’t. Not even close… yet.


A couple more loses and it will be hot.