CMD seems to be getting the hang of it

(G.W.) #1

Since TT he appears to be bringing the CBs much closer to the LOS.
As a result we have been stuffing the screens. Tulsa only threw two and both were stuffed.
ECU (not counting last ten minutes) had almost every screen pass stuffed.

We did get beat on the medium crossing route for a few first downs on third and long. But I would MUCH rather make the QB find a receiver after the snap than before it.

It gave Ed & Co a chance to sack the QB. It also lead to so,e turnovers and short fields.

And today…wait for it…we caught the INTs. At Tulsa we could have had 5or 6. But got two.

What we did to ECU remind me of how Gibbs played us. They overloaded blockers with numbers and made the QB have to make quick decisions. Pressure sure makes our secondary seem better.

Hope it continues because holding any college team to 6 over three quarters is very good. Cautiously optimistic.

(PortlandCoog) #2

Careful… You’re going to make the CMA haters even angrier. :slight_smile:

(G.W.) #3

If there was a downside it was not letting the 4thQ subs play the same style.
We blitzed, but we also gave lots of room off the LOS.

Maybe CMD is starting to trust his DBs a little.

(Mathew Donovan) #4

Still bringing the nickle from way outside the tackle. Would rather see him drop back to cover the middle. That outside blitz is counterproductive. Ends up having a tea party with the qb. Teams already are getting the ball out quick. Because big ed. Not neccessary. However, we did shoot the inside gaps. And, moved the line around on stunts. Even had em stand up. Progress. Shouldn’t take this long. Tackling while improved was still suspect.


That’s what the DC for my kid’s junior high team was saying.


I think philosophicaly they have come to the conclusion that the worst type of defense you can play (when you have a high powered) is a bend but don’t break. Long drives by the other team hurts both sides of the ball.

That is why Navy scares the you know what out of me. Navy can hold the ball a heck of a long time. We have to start fast against them like we did last night.