Coach Applewhite on 1st Scrimmage

Borrowing from duarte here …What do you think, reading between the lines here, is the coach saying the team’s conditioning is suspect and soft. How do you fix this after spring, no more bubbles, grind in the rain and heat ?

Tom liked to brag that Houston had the toughest workouts in the NCAA. Wearing down your players in excessive heat before you play the first game of the season did not equate to them being tougher once the season started. The gym can get/keep you in shape and practices should focus on technique.

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Coaches tend to do this early in camp to try and fire up their players. Dabo Swinney just did this at Clemson after their first scrimmage this past weekend, our former coach called out some of his guys in Austin this past weekend, and our former coach did it both years he was here as well.

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My dos centavos is that it is a mix of what he actually saw and coach speak.

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After Oklahoma, Loiseville, Florida State , one can argue that Tom Herman toughness works . That formula wins especially for a program like Houston. The guy toughened up Levine"s player and pushed around Florida State like a rag doll. I’d say no more bubble, grind in the heat and in the Rain.

We played more physical than any of the top 25 teams we beat in the last 2 years. Dalvon Cook (FSU) and Perrine (OU), 2 very prolific backs, wanted no part of our physical defense. Other than the freshmen, these kids know what it takes to win.

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Toughness worked for the D, but OL and RB not so much.


Navy, SMU, Memphis and even the win against UCF tell a different story.


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