Coach Applewhite on the Radio dial Thursday prior to Temple game

(Patrick) #1

CMA hit 790, 610, and 97.5 on Thursday.

University of Houston head football coach, Major Applewhite, joined Unfiltered and talked about their tough loss to Texas Tech last week, his thoughts on the Cougars upcoming matchup against Temple, and much more.

You can hear the entire interview below. Make sure you catch John Granato and Sean Salisbury on Unfiltered weekdays from 11-1pm on ESPN 97.5 radio. Listen live or on demand with the ESPN 97.5 radio app.

(Patrick) #2

Sean, Rich, and Ted talk with Houston Cougars football coach Major Applewhite about their loss to Texas Tech, starting conference play this week, and more.

(Patrick) #3

790 didn’t pull out the segment with Matt Thomas so here’s the link to be able to listen to the whole show.

(Dan) #4

The “everyone has a bad day at the office” comment on Unfiltered has me thinking it’s Allen again tomorrow.

(Eric Prado) #5

After listening to these interviews I couldn’t help but think rather than blame one QB for not being the team leader, why not blame them all?

What if the reason they’re choosing Allen is due to him having the best talent because neither of the QBs have stepped up to take control? Is it just me or are they all being very passive, waiting to be picked rather than forcing a decision from the coach?

Can the same be said about our RB situation?

I don’t know, just a thought.


I think that it’s going to be Postma with the start.