Coach Brian Johnson to Florida

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(Al) #3

What? No hater rejoicing? Can’t wait.

(Ricardo Montano) #4

Your prayers have been answered!

(Dan) #5

No buyout needed. Bye Felicia. Look the playcalling needs to change. We were 2-3 against our division this year and last year. Those are the teams that see our predictable offense the most.

(Eric Prado) #6

So who is play calling during the bowl game?


Sounds like a step down to me, I would bet it pays less as well. I wonder if he was either on the hot seat or wasn’t happy here. To me this is good news for us, we needed a change as the play calling was anemic and highly predictable. So who is on the short list to replace him?


Where’s my “Easy” button?!


I would guess CMA will pull double duty, you think?


He probably reads Coogfans and saw the writing on the wall.

(Ricky ) #11

If CMA does call the plays I wonder if the offense will look like it did against San Diego state last year? I’m almost positive he called the plays during that game

(Al) #12

No one (players, recruits, parents, etc.) reads CoogFan, FW. Sorry – forgot haters. You’re right.


If you guys think this is going to mean some dramatic, radical change to the offense, you’re in for a rude awakening.

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(Dustin K) #15

I hope you’re wrong but unfortunately with any change, we won’t know until the team is on the field.

(gpropes) #16

Praise God. This news made my day.


Maybe they’ll take donofrio as well

(PMM) #18

Same guy who has been calling them for the last 3 years !

(VancouverCOOG) #19

Best news of the day!

(Paul Marlow) #20

Kendal Briles? Just kidding. Seems like mutual so we should see some names soon.